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A Congenial City 2018-11-16
Hangzhou is widely recognized as “China's happiest City”, an acknowledgement that is reflected by the city's living conditions and sense of happiness among its residents.

Traditionally, living and working in peace and harmony have long been the ideals of the Chinese. Hangzhou manages to achieve such balance and contentment among people, nature and culture by developing science, education, culture, healthcare and public service in both a harmonious and integrated manner. The goal has been to equalise the balance of expanding urban areas and shrinking natural surroundings. In achieving this, Hangzhou has become a liveable city with a sustainable, healthy, and fast-paced economy whilst also enjoying clean water, flowing rivers, green landscapes and beautiful scenery.

Hangzhou is a city famed for its five waters: West Lake, known as the "best under heaven", Qiantang River Tide, famous both at home and abroad, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, a national treasure, Xixi Wetland, the "kidney" of the city and Hangzhou Bay the connection between the city and the East China Sea. The protection and development of these waters will bring harmony between people and water, achieving the renewal of Hangzhou's urban water system, environment and culture.
In 2002, the city began a project to protect the Hangzhou section of its Grand Canal, which 12 years later is close to the end of its second phase. In the newly renovated Xiao He Zhi Jie street you will not only learn about the glory of Hangzhou's rivers  but you will also be able to glide past its delicate bridges and  green spaces.  A cultural journey flowing with interest whilst allowing you to absorb the interesting dialogue between ancient civilizations and modern wisdom.
What are the plans for the future?

Hangzhou plans to build 20 new satellite cities and 100 centres for tourism, trade and finance. At present, the Southern Song Imperial Street, Zhongshan Road international tourist area and Xixi Paradise travel compound are now taking shape and can provide an insight into what the new Hangzhou city will look like. In the foreseeable future, Hangzhou city will become even more liveable and harmonious while also boasting an excellent economic structure and an attractive living environment with an improved ecology.
The comprehensive conservation project for the Middle and East River was launched earlier this year. In Hefang Street, a 400 meter artificial river will link up the two rivers with three shipping locks - a breakthrough in the history of Hangzhou's urban construction. This project will upgrade the quality of life for residents along the two rivers which will also allow boats to commute more freely, overall providing a wonderful experience for the residents and visitors of Hangzhou's congenial city.

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