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2017 International (Hangzhou) Trail-walk Conference 2018-11-16
On 1 July 2017, “Walk along Qiantang River” 2017 International (Hangzhou) Trail-walk Conference, will be held in Hangzhou Jianggan District Cultural Sport Center and, as this is the first of its kind, why not be the first to experience it!

Three Routes along the Beautiful Qiantang River

The conference is limited to 10,000 people, 3000 of which are allocated to the 5-kilometer family group, 4000 people to the 12-kilometer public group and 3000 people to the 25-kilometer elite group.

For the 5-kilometer group, there are two routes provided, one starts from Hangzhou Jianggan District Cultural Sport Center and the other from the playground of Wenqing Primary School, Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone. The other groups use Hangzhou Jianggan District Sport Center as their starting point.

The 12-kilometer public group is set to go through Fuchun Rd., Sanxing Rd., Qianjiang Rd., Jiangdi Footpath of Zhijiang Eastern Rd., Pengbu Bridge and Jiubao Bridge, finally reaching Zhitoujiao Bank as the finishing line.

The 25-kilometer elite group is set to continue the route of the 12-kilometer public group but will pass through Xiasha Bridge, No.18 Bridge of Yanjiang Road and No.6 Street until it reaches the playground of Wenqing Primary School, Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone.

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International (Hangzhou) Trail-walk Conference

Six Activities

To make the trail-walk even more enticing, the committee has scheduled six activities themed on the following: “Communist Pioneer”, “Family”, “International Friend”, “Couples”, “Painting for Making Friends” and “Red Cross”.

To expand the publicity of the project, the “Family Activity” is free for children from 4 years old to 10 years old.


People can register on the official website before June 20

(Official Website: http://hzjgyx.sutisport.com/)

Price: 50 RMB per person (including the suit, the brochure, sunshade cap, backpack, team pennant, number bib, pins, disposable raincoat)
Telephone: +86 571 8983 8223
Time: 08:00, 1 July 2017
Project groups:
5-kilometer group: 3000 people and 2 hours
12-kilometer group: 4000 people and 4 hours
25-kilometer group: 3000 people and 7 hours
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