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2017 Lantern Festival - Lighting the Way through Scenic Hangzhou 2018-10-11
After Spring Festival we welcome the Lantern Festival, which marks the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations. During this festival, people get to guess lantern riddles, appreciate lanterns of different shapes and patterns and have the opportunity to visit temples fairs. To enlighten oneself about this important Chinese festival in Hangzhou, then let the 2017 Lantern Festival light your way…

Lantern Festival in Hangzhou

Wushan Square – Rooster Lantern

Time: February 10–12
Highlights: a spectacular wall, decorated with colorful lanterns, will make its appearance in Wushan Square, and a five to six meter tall colorful rooster will crow with joy.

“Spring of Grand Canal” Lantern Exhibition

Time: February 10–12
Highlights: ten streets/communities in Gongshu District will hold their own lantern displays where visitors can admire a variety of glowing creations. In addition, visitors can also experience a number of traditional folk customs which are being held in Grand Canal Culture Square, China Grand Canal Museum and Hangzhou Workmanship Demonstration Pavilion. At 10 am on February 10, in Minxing Stage in Grand Canal Culture Square, people can witness, for free, the opening ceremony of “Golden Rooster Bringing Good News and Celebrating Lantern Festival”.

Xixi Street Lantern Exhibition

Time: February 11
Highlights: all communities as well as cultural and art organizations in Xixi Street will hold a lantern exhibition themed on “Beautiful Homeland: Golden Rooster Heralds the Arrival of Spring; The Best District: Harmonious and Happy.” Other activities include sampling sweet dumplings, enjoying a garden party, and art and cultural performances.

Xianghu Lake Scenic Area Lantern Exhibition

Time: 19:00 – 21:30 from February 9 to 12
Highlights: during the festival, all squares and roads in Xianghu Lake Scenic Area will be lit up with colorful lanterns. After appreciating the many wondrous lanterns, you can then enjoy a swimming gala. At 13:30 on February 11, the 11th Lantern Festival Winter Swimming Performance Contest — Xianghu Cup will be held in Laohu (Tiger) Cave Tourist Center, where over 100 swimming enthusiasts will enter the cold Xianghu Lake to show their strength, spirit, and courage.

Xiasha Culture Center – Lion and Dragon Dancing

Time: 14:30 on February 11
Highlights: Xiasha Cultural Center Square will form the venue for a host of performances, like colorful dragon and lion dancing, as well as West Lake Mountain and Water Fan Dancing, Double Fan Dancing, and Taichi Kungfu.
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