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Artistic Hangzhou 2018-11-16
Starting from the first and continuing until the end of December, the 7th Hangzhou Art Festival will be in full swing with 50 art activities to choose from. With the theme of “Charming Jiangnan, Artistic Hangzhou”, the festival will once again bring the Hangzhou people an assortment of artistic elements.

Hangzhou Art Festival

Since its initiation in 2010, the Hangzhou Art festival has gone from strength to strength and with more people participating, the festival is becoming even more popular and is now known as a famous cultural and creative event in Hangzhou.

To coincide with the recently held Hangzhou G20 summit, the 2016 Hangzhou Art Festival features a treasured artworks exhibition and appraisal gatherings to show the beauty of the Hangzhou G20 Summit. The message of artistic Hangzhou is conveyed in the quaint Southern Song Dynasty Imperial Town, which opened to the public last month.

Highlight One: Over 50 G20-Themed Artworks 

Recently, Hangzhou International Expo Center, the venue of the G20 Summit has become another hot attraction in Hangzhou. Those walking into the venue are always attracted by the grandiose yet elegant bronze artworks, bronze doors, bronze paintings and bronze sculptures. These bronze artworks are all created by the Chinese Art and Crafts master and the representative successor of national intangible culture heritage – Zhu Binren and his team.

Hangzhou Art Festival

Besides viewing the exhibition, you can also go to the many art fairs to pick up some interesting cultural and creative products or you can experience intangible cultural heritage skills and learn the art of making handicrafts.

Exhibition Venue: First Floor, 1157 Shangcheng · Lixing, No. 77 Zhongshan South Road.

Highlight Two: Over 30 Exhibitions to Ignite Passion to Art

As a significant part of the 2016 Hangzhou Art Festival, 30 Hangzhou art organizations and companies have put together themed exhibitions displaying the daily life of common people in the form of art.

Hangzhou Art Festival

The “Endless Paris –Alberto Giacometti Late Works Exhibition” in Guangda Art Museum, which lasts until next May 18 is worth a visit. Those into tea ceremonies can head to China Wetlands Museum where, starting from December 20, an exhibition themed on tea culture displays 150 pieces / sets of tea sets made out of purple clay, ceramics and metal from Chinese different dynasties. In Zhejiang Huan Hua Zhai Art Museum (No. 11 Zhongshan Middle Road), a host of Southern Song Dynasty items narrate the prosperity of the old Hangzhou, the then capital of Southern Song Dynasty. From December 26 to 30, you can celebrate the New Year in Bernini Art Restaurant (No. 206, Nanshan Road) in an artistic way and every Saturday afternoon, there are show-stopping operas for you to appreciate, including classic plays such as Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, A Dream in Red Mansion and Romance of Western Chamber.
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