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2016 Hangzhou Marathon 2018-11-16
The news conference of 2016 Hangzhou Marathon was held at Zhejiang International Hotel with representatives from the host organization, operating organization and sponsors in presence. Details about this year’s Hangzhou Marathon were unveiled.

The first Sunday of every November is designated the day for holding the Hangzhou Marathon and this year is no exception. The Hangzhou Marathon 2016 will start at 8 am at Dragon Sports Centre on 6th November. Five races are set for the event including the full-length marathon, half marathon, mini race, couples’ race and family race. The prizes and bonuses are set at exactly the same amount as they were last year. The top 8 female and male marathon runners will be awarded accordingly and no awards have been set for the other races. The registration will be accessible from 8 am on September 26th to 4 pm on October 2nd on both the Hangzhou Marathon official website and its WeChat platform.

Hangzhou Marathon

The group registration has been cancelled and the registration procedure for the full-length marathon and half marathon now differs from previous years. The applicant shall first register and upload their full-length marathon or half marathon (recommended for the half marathon applicants) completion certificates after 2015, and then draw the lots. The organizer will inform the successful applicants by text message, and applicants can also check the status online in the Hangzhou Marathon official website. Afterwards, the selected applicants can then upload their medical certificate, and only pay the registration fee after medical certificate verification. The registration will be successfully completed after the fee has been paid.

Hangzhou Marathon

Registration procedure for the couples’ race and family race: Apply online → Draw the Lots → Selected → Pay the fee (For detailed registration instructions, please check Hangzhou Marathon official website or the official WeChat account.)

Hangzhou Marathon

There is no need to hurry for the registration since the registration order have no effect on the chances of winning lots.

In order to satisfy the desires of many marathon lovers to experience the “Most Beautiful Track in the World”, the organizer is considering increasing the quotas, and more G20 features will be added into the design of the track. Meanwhile, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Hangzhou Marathon, a series of new activities will be added to the event this year. Now, the series interviews of Hangzhou Marathon for the past 30 years, the writing collection of the “My Hangzhou Marathon Story” and the photo collection of Hangzhou Marathon have all begun.
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