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Hangzhou Steams Ahead This November… 2018-11-16
After a year of waiting, on November 11, the steaming hot mutton served in the Cangqian Yangguo (Mutton Hot Pot) Festival is once again getting set to warm us all up.

This year the Cangqian Yangguo Festival welcomes its tenth birthday and continues to be a sizzling success, with the number of tourists totaling around 3.3 million. This is not just a feast warming up the city of Hangzhou, but a hot festival in the Yangtze River Delta.

Even though the festival only has a history of ten years, the history of Canqian people cooking mutton hot pot can be traced back to over a hundred years. Back then the majority of people in Cangqian earned their living by purchasing goats, from local farmers, killing them and selling their meat. The remaining parts of the goats, like the head, feet and entrails, were then stewed in a pot while family members huddled around, drinking, chatting and waiting for the steaming sensation to appear. 

Today the people in Cangqian no longer sell mutton but the custom of eating mutton hot pot, during the colder days, still remains and has gradually over the years evolved into a popular festival. The cooking method has also been perfected and the present recipe of Cangqian mutton hot pot requires several complicated cooking procedures such as, high quality ingredients, steady cooking temperatures and a perfect ratio of condiments, all of which will make your winter all the more warmer. 


Take bus No. 506 in Wulinmen (武林门) to Yuhang and then transfer to Cangqian or take bus No. 349 to Cangqian in Gudang (古荡) Center Bus Station or bus No. 311 in Jiangcun Village Bus Station (蒋村公交站) to the bus stop of Zhumiao (朱庙)

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