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The First of its Kind in Hangzhou, American Real-time Tourism Live-Streaming 2018-11-16
In the last two years, live-streaming has become extremely popular and all kinds have emerged, such as singing, dancing, make-up and games … But have you heard about real-time tourism live-streaming? On the morning of July 12 at the bank of the West Lake, a unique live-streaming based on tourism was witnessed by many. The American ABC reporter, Stephanie Oswald, dressed in a Hangzhou Qipao and connected live with five American free-lance writers to display Hangzhou’s touristic environment and resources. If you think real-time tourism live-streaming is simply that the host talks to the cameras, then you couldn’t be more wrong.

American Tourism Live-Streaming in Hangzhou

Real-time Tourism Live-Streaming is an efficient method in promoting tourist destinations. It is relatively well-developed in America, but in Hangzhou this is the first of its kind. Real-time Tourism Live-Streaming is carried out by a tourism media representative who visits a tourist destination to experience and collect various writing sources. At the latter period of the visit, he or she will then connect with tourism free-lance writers in the US to share the information. After that, the free-lance writers will publish the information on social media and submit articles they have written to mainstream newspapers and magazines.

This form is beneficial for tourism free-lance writers as they can receive first-hand writing materials, which boost the chances of American mainstream media reporting the chosen tourist destination.

To meet the ever-changing demands of information acquiring, the “Overseas Media Promotion” project by Hangzhou Tourism Commission has added new and efficient transmission methods and channels, thus highlighting the Hangzhou experience-style of tourism. 

Ms. Stephanie Oswald is a professional tourism industry expert in America. In her live-streaming, she recommended American direct flights, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai 144-Hour Transit Visa Exemption, Post-G20 tourist itineraries and her own experience of Hangzhou’s culture, vividly demonstrating local specialties such as the tie-dyeing of silk scarves, Longjing green tea and lotus flowers. She also specifically answered questions raised by the five free-lance writers. Her two-day Hangzhou experience will be edited into promotional videos which will be aired on American ABC, one of the four television production groups in the US.

“Overseas Media Promotion” promotes Hangzhou tourism in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Travel+Leisure in America, and the Guardian and the Times in the UK and other mainstream and tourism media channels. The project provides information about Hangzhou which is in line with their focus on oriental art and culture tour, Zen culture experience tour, recommended visa exemption tour, and 24-Hour No Cash tour. Currently, USA Today has published a report covering a Hangzhou winter tour.
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