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Let’s Meet Hangzhou Again... 2018-10-11
Hangzhou used to be a famous city in Jiangnan and was once the capital city of the Southern Song Dynasty and Wuyue Kingdom. Now, it is the first city to have held the G20 summit in China and is honorably recommended as one of “the most worthwhile visits of all over the world” by the New York Times, Travel+Leisure and Lonely Planet.

This summer, Hamburg, Germany takes the next baton to holding the twelfth G20 summit, building a bridge of communication for countries from all over the world. Based on the idea of “friendship” and “bridge”, Hangzhou has taken unique elements to Hamburg and is expanding its influence on the rest of the world.

Taxis – the link of friendship between Hangzhou and Hamburg

This summit, despite being held in Hamburg, still manages to feature Hangzhou quite heavily. For example, displayed on 50 of Hamburg’s taxis are pictures of Hangzhou’s West Lake and City Hall, the landmark of Hamburg, together with the words “From Hangzhou China to Hamburg”. The two cities are connected by a bridge of friendship which also combines the picturesque West Lake with the busy Elbe River.

Hangzhou in Hamburg G20 Summit

On July 7 and 8, Hangzhou surprised all passengers boarding a Hamburg taxi with souvenirs and brochures. By giving local citizens and visitors these gifts the seeds of friendship were spread to the whole world, and more and more international tourists were able to feel the unique charms of Hangzhou.

New slogan: Meet Hangzhou, Meet Grand Canal

Last year, the performance of “the Most Memorable is Hangzhou” was performed and for 50 minutes blended holographic technology into the background of natural scenery. One year later, Hangzhou has created another spectacular performance for westerners entitled “Meet Grand Canal”, directed by Hangzhou’s City Tourism Committee and Wenguang Group.

Hangzhou in Hamburg's G20 Summit

As far as we know, “Meet Grand Canal” is the first cultural heritage show, assembling essences from all over the world in Hangzhou Song and Dance Theatres. It takes advantage of modern works and translates it into dance, making a collection of elements such as tradition and innovation, past and future, self-esteem and love.

It not only gives a historical impression of the Grand Canal, but also expresses the reflection of true and complete cultural heritage. At the same time, it is not only a large cultural heritage propagation, but also a comprehensive extraction, exhibition and new expression of the cultural heritage values of the Chinese Grand Canal.

As the “Meet Grand Canal” is put on stage, the European crossover marketing project of 2017 “The Most Memorable is Hangzhou” starts. This year, themed with “Meet Grand Canal, Meet Hangzhou” and presented in the form of “tourism plus culture”, the tourist performance is shown in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and other European countries or regions. Art is boundless, and dance best presents Hangzhou to people from all over the world shortening the distances between Hangzhou and Europe.

The event exploits the European market and expands its inbound tourism. During the key period between the G20 Summit and the Asian Games when Hangzhou is in the middle of city construction and internalization, the city’s tourism commission has creatively and wisely put forward the promotion “Tourism Plus” to spread the image and charms of Hangzhou through staging artistic performances in major countries and cities in Europe.
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