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Three More Wetlands are Listed! 2018-10-11
Praised as “the kidneys of the Earth”, wetlands are both valuable natural resources and important ecosystems. Recently, the second list of Wetlands of Provincial Importance was announced and in total there are 48 among which three are in Hangzhou.

Xiaoshan Xianghu Lake Wetland

Xianghu Lake - Hangzhou Wetlands

Located in Xiaoshan district which is in the south of Hangzhou, it is named as the companion piece to the West Lake. However, compared to the hustle and bustle of the West Lake, Xianghu Lake is timid alluring only those enjoying tranquility. Due to its size, the lake was developed in three phases. After the third phase of development, the lake area is now near to that of West Lake. Its first phase follows a simplistic style, boasting attractions such as Xiasun Cultural Village, Chengshan nostalgia and Kuahuqiao Relics Museum. You can go angling in the fishing area in the second phase of the lake and what's more, the colorful greeway and fragrant blossom in the third section are extremely stunning!

Yuhang Sanbaitan Pool Wetland

Sanbaitan Pool Wetland  - Hangzhou Wetlands

With a wide range of wetland and set in an advantageous ecological environment, Sanbaitan pool has always been the favorite habitat of egrets. Linked with the Grand Canal from Beijing to Hangzhou, it is composed of three star-shaped freshwater lakes that are sourced from the Tianmushan Mountain. Around the pool are mulberries, loquats, rice fields and farmlands and with its pure and fresh air and picturesque landscapes, the Sanbaitan pool glimmers like a shining pearl embedded in the village. 

Chun’an Qianmu Field Mountain Marsh Wetland

Qianmu Field Mountain - Hangzhou Wetlands

With an elevation of 717.2 to 1437.4 meters above sea level, Qianmu Field is situated in Pingmen and Yaoshan village, the northeastern part of Chun’an County. As the only mountain wetland in Qiandao Lake, it is an undeveloped scenic spot with primitive ecology. Home to a lucid creek with rare bamboo leaf fish the wetlands, in all four seasons, boasts different and miraculous views in the Qianmu field. As a famous sentence goes, “Between the vast sky and the boundless earth, flocks and herds appear as grass bends to wind.” This is the reflection of the gorgeous landscapes here!

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