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7 New Year’s Eve Destinations by Lonely Planet 2018-10-30
The world famous travel magazine, Lonely Planet, has most recently revealed on its website the top seven New Year’s Eve getaway destinations, of which Hangzhou is one of them. Ranked at number six, a visit to Hangzhou should definitely be on your Christmas wish list this year.

Lonely Planet:

Visit the idyllic city of Hangzhou for a peaceful way to see in 2017.

Hangzhou Ranked the 6th on Lonely Planet

The Lonely Planet travel guides series, reputed as “the Bible for Travelers”, has an age-old history. It is a series of travel guides for backpackers, and has been widely favored by travelers with low budgets. Lonely Planet was created in 1972 in Australia and currently has offices in London, Auckland, New Delhi and Beijing.

Lonely Planet has, most recently, published the article “Where to expand your horizons this New Year's Eve” and has selected the top seven travel destinations for New Year’s Eve.

Lonely Planet suggests people celebrate New Year’s Eve in Hangzhou by doing the following things, “Follow the footpath alongside West Lake in the morning to see the mist covering the water, then climb the hill to visit Yongfu Temple. Spend the afternoon sipping tea at the teahouse there, surrounded by a grove of tea trees. Finish off your day with a slap-up meal in the luxurious Shangri-La Hotel, which stands on the shoreline of the lake.”

The Daily Mirror:

Many British newspapers have reported The Lonely Planet’s recent lists and according to The Daily Mirror, “If you want a New Year that isn't a New Year, try China. The Chinese wait until their Spring Festival - otherwise known as Chinese New Year - later in January for their celebrations. “

Hangzhou - Daily Mirror

When it comes to selecting Hangzhou as a place to visit, the city has been listed many times.
■    In Jan, 2016, The New York Times announced the “52 Places to go in 2016” and Hangzhou came in at number 16. It is the second time that Hangzhou has made the list, the last time it was ranked 33rd.

■    In Dec, 2015, the leading magazine in world travel industry, Travel + Leisure, included Hangzhou on its list of “Best Places to Travel in 2016” and Hangzhou was ranked 7th on the list.

Other Enlisted Cities are Matera in Italy, New Orleans in USA, Melbourne in Australia, Las Palmas in the Gran Canarias, Nassau in the Bahamas and Sydney in Australia.
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