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Flower’s Valley Restaurant
F6, Joy City Shopping Mall, No.813, Moganshan Road, Hangzhou
+86 13868120282
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    Brief of Flower’s Valley Restaurant

    This is a restaurant as well as a grand garden, decorated in a mixture of modern and Mexican style. With hand-painted depictions of fresh flowers, cactus, and birds all around, the place looks like a gorgeous fairyland.

    Fascinated by the flowers, it is hard for you to realize that it is a restaurant. With rows of sparkling lights and bunches of florid flowers on the floor, eating delicious cuisines is such an enjoyment. The following popular cuisine is recommended.

    Appetizer: Smoked salmon served with sliced avocados and mangos
    Price: ¥78   Salmon with avocados and mangos are well-matched because of the sweet and sour taste. This balances the creamy taste of the salmon and intensifies its fresh flavor. Tasting soft and delicious, you will find yourself asking for seconds.

    Main Course: Mixed dish of food from both sea and land
    This dish is a mixture of high-quality food from sea and land: Boston lobsters, fresh shrimps, scallops, mussels, sausages, beef, etc. Beautifully presented with aromatic fragrances makes this the most popular dish in the restaurant.

    Address: F6, Joy City Shopping Mall, No.813, Moganshan Road, Hangzhou.
    Tel: 86-13868120282

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