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Tin Heung Lau
Floors 2-3, Zhejiang Restaurant, 447 Yan’an Road
+86 571 87076789
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    Brief of Tin Heung Lau

    Founded in 1927, Tin Heung Lau was originally named as Wujin Tin Heung Lau. The grandfather of the founder was the Suzhou Magistrate in the late Qing Dynasty and moved to Hangzhou during the Republic period of China. This restaurant is named after a rhesis of Song Zhi Wen (a poet in the Tang Dynasty)

    Tin Heung Lau has already opened “Tin Heung Lau Hangzhou Food Restaurant” in both Shanghai and Hong Kong. What’s more, lots of restaurants in Hong Kong, America and Southeast Asia are still using the Tin Heung Lau brand to produce Hangzhou Special Dishes.

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