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Visit Grand Canal during Middle Autumn Festival
Start from Wulinmen Dock, take a Cao Fang canal boat and appreciate beautiful night view of the two thousand-year-old Grand Canal. Land at Gongchen Bridge (Local Specialties) Dock, appreciate the glorious full moon on the Gongchen Bridge.

Day 1
appreciate the glorious full moon over the Grand Canal
7:00pm - Board the Cao Fang canal boat at Wulinmen Dock and take a leisurely night glide along the 2000 year old Grand Canal.

7.30pm - Arrive at Gongzheng Bridge Dock and take time to appreciate the glorious full moon, while wondering around Qiaoxi Historic Block.

8.10pm - Return to Gongzheng Bridge Dock and set off on your journey back to Wulinmen Dock where you will arrive approximately 40 minutes later.
Services: Guided introduction and onboard drinks and snacks.
Route Guidance: Wulinmen Dock – Gongchen Bridge – Wulinmen Dock
Consultation Tel: 86-571-56079230, 86-571-56079231, 86-571-56079232

Limited spaces available.

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