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Longmen Ancient Town Tour
40 kilometers from Hangzhou, Fuyang city is easily accessible. It was set up as a county in the 26th year of Qin Dynasty (221 BC). It is the land of paper-making and has more than 1900-year history. Today you are going to reach the city to meet your demand of longing for tranquility and searching for origin. It will make you fully enjoy special and ancient. Come to the ancient city, to discover China's living traditions.

Day 1
Hangzhou (L)

This morning, you will be picked up at your hotel in Hangzhou and arrive at Longmen Ancient Town in Fuyang after around 50 minutes’ drive. Longmen Ancient Town has 2,600 households and descendants of the imperial Sun Family are said to have been residing here for over 65 generations. At South of Changjiang River, the town showcases one of the most perfect examples of Qing or Ming Dynasty architecture with little more than 30 intact ancient buildings. Except these, you will pay a visit to Mr. Sun Temple, Yi Gate, Shanle Hall, Hundred lions Hall and Mingzhe Hall etc.


Taste Chinese lunch at local restaurant at about 12:30PM.


In the afternoon, you will take a gander at Chinese ancient Paper Making and Printing Cultural Village. Here you can see how paper has been done for over a thousand years as you follow the step-by-step process from screening the bamboo pulp to stringing up the books and packaging them for shipping. You can even make a little paper and do a little woodblock printing yourself. You can buy books and even some paper which goes for RMB1 a sheet.

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