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Shanghai - Suzhou - Hangzhou Tour
Shanghai is one of the most popular destinations for western tourists. You can experience the ultramodern and the rich history behind this city. Beside Shanghai, you will also visit Suzhou and Hangzhou, two paradises on earth.

Day 1
Arrive in Shanghai

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by your guide and be shown to your hotel in the city center. After settling in, you will be welcomed to Shanghai with dinner at the Shanghai Ayingbao Restaurant, a restaurant serving delicious examples of the local cuisine.

Day 2
Shanghai (B, L)

Destinations: The Bund, Shanghai Xintiandi Plaza and Yuyuan Garden


After breakfast you will join a SIC Shanghai Day tour. You will be picked up at about 8:00 am from your hotel. This tour begins with a visit to Jade Buddha Temple located in the northwest part of Shanghai. As with many modern Chinese Buddhist temples, the current temple draws from both the Pure Land and Chan traditions of Mahayana Buddhism. Next, you will visit the Shanghai Museum, considered one of the best museums of its kind in China, which exhibits collection of over 120,000 pieces, including bronze, ceramics, calligraphy, furniture, jades, ancient coins, paintings, seals, sculptures, minority art and foreign art.


After lunch, you’ll visit Yuyuan Garden. The garden, built 450 years ago, is considered by experts to be an exquisite example of a typical southern garden. You will then be taken to Shanghai’s most famous and recognizable destination: the Bund. The Shanghai Bund along the Huangpu River, features dozens of historical buildings that once housed numerous banks and trading houses from many western countries.


You will finish the day with a drive through the French Concession and a visit to Xintiandi, a trendy walking neighborhood for affluent shopping and a night in the town. Well-preserved brick buildings, redeveloped to house cafes, art galleries and restaurants, line the walking streets. After your visit to Xintiandi, you’ll be taken back to your hotel.

yuyuan garden.jpg
Day 3
Shanghai,Suzhou, Shanghai (B, L)

Destination: Net Master Garden (Wang Shi Garden)

After enjoying your breakfast you will be driven to Suzhou where you will join a SIC tour to visit Suzhou and Zhouzhuang Water Town. With a history of over 2500 years and its well-preserved traditional gardens and ancient canals, architecture, the charming city of Suzhou was designated UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997. Upon arriving in Suzhou, you will visit the Net Master Garden, is well-known for its water landscapes and pavilions. Next you will visit the ancient city wall, the Grand Canal and the Suzhou No. 1 Silk Spinning Factory where you can see how Chinese silk has been produced since the 14th century.


After lunch, you’ll take a scenic drive to Zhouzhuang, known for its beautiful environment and simple architecture--well preserved for over 900 years. The majority of the town´s residences were built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and nearly 100 classic courtyards and 60 carved-brick archways are still in use. In this water village, locals live on waterways, still doing everyday activities on the water: washing their clothes in the river and shopping from boat vendors. Take a boat ride on the waterways for a unique experience. In the afternoon you’ll be brought back to Shanghai.

wagnshi garden.jpg
Day 4
Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shanghai (B, L)

In the morning you will be driven to Hangzhou. Our first stop in Hangzhou is the Six-Harmony Pagoda. Here we will see one of the most striking structures in the city. You will get to visit the charming museum and snap some photos in front of this architectural marvel built during the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD). Our next stop will be a visit to Meijiawu Tea Village for a traditional tea ceremony. Here we will see the significance of tea in the Chinese culture.


After lunch, we’ll enjoy the beautiful views and tranquility of the famous West Lake. We will have a cruise in West Lake to experience peace and serenity which seldom can be seen in the Shanghai area. The unforgettable scenery includes “Three Pools Mirroring the Moon”, Bai and Su Causeways, Solitary Hill, and Leifeng Pagoda. The boat ride ends by “Viewing Fish at Flower Pond”. We will walk along Su Causeway and feed the fish in the Red Fish Pond to pray for good luck. Finally, we’ll experience nature by visiting Nine Creeks & Eighteen Gullies. Here we will enjoy a lovely walk as well as the peaceful environment. There are some quaint places to stop off along the way, including a lagoon and a small pavilion which has been converted into a great tea and snack house. In the afternoon you’ll return to Shanghai.

west lake.jpg
Day 5
Shanghai (B)

After enjoying your breakfast, enjoy a free day at leisure.

the bund  shanghai.jpg
Day 6
Shanghai (B)

Free till being transferred to the airport. End of the fabulous tour in China.

shanghai new tiandi.jpg
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