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2 Days Hangzhou and Thousand Islet Lake Tour
Hangzhou is known as the “Heaven on Earth” because of the attractive scenery and suitable living environment. With a huge fame, West Lake becomes the symbol of the city. Almost the attractions in Hangzhou all surround West Lake. Been the ancient capital of Southern Song Dynasty, Hangzhou is also filled with deep cultural atmosphere. Thousand Islet Lake is well known as the backyard garden of Hangzhou. With fresh air and greenery, it is becoming a holiday destination for tourists.

Day 1
West Lake
At 9am leave the hotel for Gaoyin Street’s famous Hangzhou restaurant where you will sample a breakfast of Gaozu Fried Dumplings – a hit with local residents. After breakfast take a leisurely stroll to the West Lake arriving at Orioles Singing in the Willows which is full of willow trees with orioles singing.

From here you can walk to Lakeside No.1 Park which is home to the famous musical fountain. Through the pedestrian street you will reach Lakeside No.6 Park and positioned along Beishan Road are many different style restaurants so the ideal place to stop and have lunch.

After lunch continue to visit West Lake. The Broken Bridge is a landmark you cannot afford to miss - it was here in the ancient fairytale that Xuxian and Bai Suzhen met. After Broken Bridge walk along Bai Causeway which was built in the Tang Dynasty by the famous poet Bai Juyi.

When you arrive at Su Causeway you can appreciate the lake and the true beauty and greenery of Hangzhou. Grassland and trees over the causeway and fresh air and birds singing make you linger along the way.

After the day’s tour you will then take a coach to Thousand-islet Lake and stay in the town for the night.
Day 2
Thousand Islet Lake
After enjoying a leisurely breakfast you will head to the port where you will take a cruise to Central Lake Area. There are all together 1078 islets on the lake, which is an artificial reservoir formed in 1959. Thousand-islet Lake is also named Xin’an River Reservoir and the lake owns the largest amount of islets in the world and the largest forest park in China.

There are several islets worth visiting: Meifeng Islet is an islet with the highest altitude so it has the best vantage point in which to view the spectacular surrounding scenery.

Peacock Islet, as its name suggests, is home to a large number of wild peacocks. It is like a natural zoo and you can even take a selfie with one or two.

Lock Islet is a very romantic place as many couples come here and lock their wishes and pray for everlasting love. There are thousands of different locks all in various shapes and sizes.

In the afternoon you will travel back to Hangzhou city.
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