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Be A “Fishing Expert” This Weekend in Qiandao Lake 2020-09-11

The childhood memories that most people have are scorching weather, chirping of cicadas, watermelon and electric fan. But the most unforgettable memory of the majority is taking off the shoes and going into water to catch fish and shrimps.


“Fishing in Qiandao Lake • Jieshou Invites You to Be a Fisherman”, one of the “Traveling around Qiandao Lake, Going to Baiyuan” series activities by Qiandaohu Tourism Group, is ready to kick off. Let’s take advantage of the remaining days of summer to have fun!


Activity time: 8:30-13:30 on September 12

Venue: Asian Games Village, Jieshou Town, Qiandao Lake (千岛湖界首乡亚运村)

Family package price: 258 yuan per group (including two adults and one child)

Consulting Hotline: 4001141078


Activity Highlights

Asian Games Village, Jieshou Town

The original natural environment and the unsophisticated local customs provide tourists with various experiences such as leisure sports, guesthouse food, and fishing experience.


Take a Sculling Boat to Fish

You can take a sculling boat along with a fisherman. With boats swaying on the lake, you can find fish, cast a net and collect the net in the center of the lake, and the fish you catch belongs to you! You can fully enjoy the joy of returning with fruitful results.

Experience Water Projects


The sunlight becomes gentle in contrast to the lake and the blue sky. You can take your beloved one to enjoy playing in the cool and clear lake water, and feel the last touch of summer heat, which is gradually dissipating.

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