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This Summer, Go and Check out Hangzhou Hotspots After Nightfall 2020-07-17

The night economy is now known as the new source of vitality for the Chinese economy, in which Hangzhou plays an important role. It strives to become the “new city that never sleeps” that is lit up by night economy. Today, follow Hangzhou Culture and Tourism to visit the most popular night markets and explore the nightlife of Hangzhou people.

01 Hushang Night Lane 湖上夜巷
Hushang Night Lane is the cultural and creative landmark that West Lake presents to the world. It gathers creative booths of the intangible cultural heritages of national craftsmen, original handicrafts, street art, and other forms to bring tourists a feast of life aesthetics.

Location: From the intersection of Qingchun Road and Hubin Road to the intersection of Xueshi Road and Hubin Road, Shangcheng District 上城区湖滨路庆春路口至湖滨路学士路口
Time: From now to August

02 Wushan Night Market 吴山夜市
As an established night market, Wushan Night Market is large in scale and varied in products, and has become a good place for many citizens to have a walk. Wandering among them, the point is not for you to buy things, but for you to feel the prosperity and liveliness of the night market.

Location: Around Huixing Road and Renhe Road, Shangcheng District 上城区仁和路惠兴路一带
Time: every evening

03 Hefang Street 河坊街
With the bluestone slab-paved roads, the shining memorial archways, and various antique brands, Hefang Street at the foot of Wushan exudes a rich historical charm. There are a lot of old-style snacks here, and also a lot of internet-famous snacks. It is a place frequented by natives and a must-visit for foreigners.

Location: Hefang Street, Shangcheng District 上城区河坊街
Time: every evening

04 Wulin Night Market 武林夜市
Wulin Night Market is one of the down-to-earth night markets in Hangzhou. When the evening lights are lit, the night market is full of people and stalls are neatly arranged. You can find almost all trendy objects in this night market.

Location: Longyou Road, Xiacheng District 下城区龙游路
Time: every evening

05 Xinshi Street Night Market 新市街夜市
Xinshi Street is the liveliest night market in Hangzhou. The place has all sorts of articles of daily use, ranging from flowers, birds, fish and insects, to pots and pans, jewelry, headwear, mobile phone charging cables. It has everything that you can think of.

Location: Hedong Road, Xiacheng District 下城区河东路
Time: every evening

06 Shenglihe Food Street 胜利河美食街
Shenglihe Food Street serves as the “Holy Place of Night Snacks” in old Hangzhou City. Every night, a large number of diners come and gather here to eat and have fun. From classic Hang Bang Cai (Hangzhou dishes) to Xiangshan seafood, from Chongqing grilled fish to Sichuan-style hot pot, this one street can satisfy your appetite for all sorts of delicacies.

Location: West of the intersection of Xiawan Road and Shangtang Overpass in Gongshu District  拱墅区霞湾路与上塘高架交汇西面
Time: 11 pm to around 4 am

07 Laxi Street 啦嘻街
In the circle of Hangzhou foodies, Binjiang District’s Laxi Street has a certain position. This food street with a history of more than 10 years can be said to be the recognized “gourmet landmark” of Binjiang in the minds of foodies. For 50+ per capita, you can eat to your heart’s content. The grilled squid, fried rice cakes, hot pot, clam and bean vermicelli, roasted pig's trotters … the rich, fragrant, and attractive aroma is the best reason for the crowd to come.

Location: Laxi Street, Binjiang District 滨江区啦嘻街
Time: every evening

08 Jinshahu Business District 金沙湖商圈
Speaking of the liveliest place in Qiantang New District at night, then Jinshahu Business District it is. Near the Longhu Jinsha Celestial Street, tents are set up to form a small night market.

Location: Jinshahu Business District, Qiantang New District 钱塘新区金沙湖商圈
Time: every evening

09 Heshang Night Market 河上夜市
After the opening of the first night market in Heshang Town, Xiaoshan District, Xu Tongtai Square is very lively. In addition to shopping, you can also enjoy the night view of the old street, and at the night market, the staff will also put up the screen and play an outdoor movie.

Location: Xutongtai Square, Heshang Town, Xiaoshan District 萧山区河上镇徐同泰广场
Time: 17:00-21:00 every Friday and Saturday evening (It will be adjusted according to the weather and other reasons)
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