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Cool and Beautiful, the Small Villages of Qiandao Lake 2020-07-17

Chun'an County is renowned for having a thousand peaks and being home to Qiandao Lake with over a thousand islands. In the blink of an eye, the hot summer has come and most mountain villages in Qiandao Lake are excellent summer resorts. 

Wangfu Town 王阜乡
The valleys and deep pools are highlights of Wangfu, and among them, the most famous one is Jin’ao Deep Valley (金岙幽谷).Jin'ao Deep Valley is formed by geological faults. The stream in the valley is clear and long and flows slowly, and the sand and fish in it can be seen. The valley is like an earthly paradise. The original watermill beside the stream is slowly turning, which is a rare and elegant scene. Coming here, people will feel relaxed and cool. Every summer, Wangfu's Longtan Canyon Rafting (龙潭漂流) is widely favored for its great height difference and white-water rapids. It is a rare cool enjoyment.

*Note: Due to the flood season, the specific opening hours of rafting are subject to local opening hours. 

Pingmen Town 屏门乡
If you go to Pingmen Town to avoid the summer heat, then the must-visit place is Shangxi Village (上西村). The village is right beside the famous Jiupaojie Scenic Area, which has nine mountain waterfalls of various shapes and sounds. The scale and ornamental value of these waterfalls are rarely seen in the Jiangnan Region, hence the reputation "the King of Jiangnan Waterfalls". At night, farmhouses in the village are the coolest. The average temperature in Shangxi Village in summer is three to five degrees Celsius lower than that at the foot of the mountain. In the village even on the hottest days, you’ll need to cover yourself with a quilt at night. The village still has many mud-walled earth houses with red walls and black tiles. The earth houses have the effect of being warm in winter and cool in summer. Even without air conditioners, they are cooler than ordinary houses. By the way, every household in the village has Hulu (gourd) Tea, which is suitable for drinking while watching the stars in front of the door. It not only quenches the thirst and relieve summer heat but also has a sweet taste.

Besides, in Shangxi Village, there is a good place where fireflies fly around freely at night. Here, children can catch fireflies under the cool night sky and make glowing "little lanterns" to experience the fun that is not available in the city.

Jinfeng Village 金峰乡
There are more than 30 lotus varieties in the lotus base of Xiayuan Village (下源村), all of which are from Hangzhou Flower Nursery in the Lingyin Management Office of Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area. As the flowers bloom, you can enjoy the green lotus leaves and pink lotus flowers at close range and overlook the ancient houses and the tea gardens stacked on top of each other in the distance.
You can also choose to go to Jinfeng Village (金峰乡) to experience the thrilling canyon rafting. The huge drop of 66 meters will allow you to enjoy yourself fully and delightfully.

If you go to Zhujia Village (朱家村), a "Hangzhou historical and cultural village" full of the flavor of Neo-Confucianism, drive along the newly opened road all the way up to Baizhao Village (百照村), where you can climb the Yanya Mountain Ancient Trail (燕崖山古道), drink the cold "Shenxian Water", and appreciate the spectacular, Baizhao Mirage.

*Note: Due to the flood season, the specific opening hours of rafting are subject to local opening hours

Fuwen Town 富文乡
In the hot summer, the “green space”, Qingtian Village (青田村) is Fuwen’s cool and lively place.Here, you can experience the coolness and excitement of Prince Valley Rafting (王子谷漂流), as well as the Qiandao Lake Forest Oxygen Bar (千岛湖森林氧吧), Qiandao Lake Mysterious Realm (千岛湖秘境), Lin Hai Gui Zhen (Return to Original in Forests: 林海归真) and other scenic spots. When walking into the depths of the forest, you will smell the mixed fragrance of mud, grass, and wild fruits, and immediately feel very refreshing. You can watch the performance in Savage Valley (野人谷), or choose to scream in the Ghost Town (鬼城) to free your mind, let go of the pressure, and look for coolness. After taking a nap, you can go picking fruits, or go picking and sightseeing at the dendrobium officinale base in Xiancao Valley (仙草谷) to enjoy the fun of fruit picking in the fruity air and taste the joy of a bumper harvest.

*Note: Due to the flood season, the specific opening hours of rafting are subject to local opening hours.

Dashu Town 大墅镇
When it comes to keeping in good health and avoiding heat, Dashu Town in the southwest has to be mentioned. The dense bamboo forest, the clear water, the secluded canyon, the fresh air, and the fragrance of bamboo leaves … all can make the body and mind calm down, and all the worries and heat are swept away.

Dashu Town has 28.7 sq km bamboo forest with a great ecological environment, and was rated as "the most beautiful bamboo town in Hangzhou". In the Qiandao Lake Grand Canyon alone, there are more than 4,300 plant species such as bamboo, pine, and cedar. The lush bamboo forests have shut the heat of the blazing sun out and left visitors with endless coolness. Standing on a high place and looking into the distance, you will see that the mountains and fields are full of verdant bamboos, which is stunning.

The average temperature of Dashu Town in summer is about 22℃. Qiandao Lake Grand Canyon (千岛湖大峡谷), Aotou Ancient Village (岙头古村落), Xian Ren Gua Hua Mountains (仙人挂画山脉), Maple Creek (枫林溪), Gongshan Peak (公山尖) and more summer resorts are waiting for you to explore.

Shilin Town 石林镇
The Qiandao Lake Stone Forest (千岛湖石林) is located at an altitude of 800 meters, with a landscape dominated by peculiar-shaped stones, cliffs, ancient roads, and mysterious caves. The peaks here are of peculiar shapes and pictographic stones are scattered around. It is reputed to be a "Natural Animal Museum" and the average temperature in summer is 23℃.

Here, a trickling stream is a common scene in almost every village. People can capture small fish and crabs in the stream, and stroll in the clear water to enjoy the coolness of summer water.

If the cool stream water is not enough for you, head to the water training base in Shilin Town where you can watch the international-standard kayak marathon of the national kayak team members. 

In addition, you can pick and taste seasonal ecological vegetables and live in the alpine farmyard to avoid the heat and cool down. In the evening, eating watermelons, fanning a cattail leaf fan, and watching elf-like fireflies in the naturally air-conditioned village is particularly comfortable.

*Note: Due to the flood season, the specific opening hours are subject to local opening hours.

Jiangjia Town 姜家镇

Longchuan Bay (龙川湾) is like a place forgotten by the scorching heat. When tourists come here under the scorching sun and at a high temperature of more than 30 degrees, they feel like they are transferred to spring from summer and all sun-proof articles like parasols, small fans, and sun protection cream, can be put away. Riding a battery car through the greenery and enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way with the cool breeze from the lake caress your cheeks … the experience can't be more comfortable. In the evening, you can also go to the night market in Shicheng Old Street (狮城老街). The trip will be perfect if you sit down with your friend in a small shop, chatting, drinking ice beer, and tasting the delicious food of Jiangjia Town!

Langchuan Town 浪川乡

Qinchuan (芹川), is a natural and cool village where people calm down spontaneously, and its small bridges, flowing water, and black tiles and white walls are the most common but rare rural lifestyle in this place. A stream named Qinchuan flows through the village. By the stream, the old villagers sit and chat; in the stream, the children pull up their trousers and catch spiral shells and crabs. With the shaking of the fans, the day and the scorching heat seems to be taken away. Due to the flood season, please travel carefully. When the weather clears and the rainy season passes, come to Qiandao Lake to escape the summer heat~
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