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Three Ways to Appreciate Meicheng Ancient Town 2020-04-05

In Jiande, there is an ancient town that has experienced thousands of years of wind and rain. It has a beautiful name called Meicheng (Plum Blossom Town). Meicheng was the state town of the then Yanzhou and is now the county town of Jiande. It has a history of 1700 years.


01 Explore the Ancient


Ancient City Wall

The ancient city wall was designed by Liu Bowen, the founding father of the Ming Dynasty. It has a circumference of about three kilometers and is the most preserved and oldest city wall in Zhejiang Province.


General Guards Historical Relics Park

If the time goes back 100 years, everyone can enjoy the miracle of Chinese culture on the streets of Yanzhou - the archway group.


According to the county statistics, there are 115 archways in Meicheng Town. However, due to natural and man-made disasters, there were only 19 left.


02 Experience the Present


Digital B&B

Meicheng Town is home to the first digital homestay in China - Meizhuang Villa.


"30 seconds for card-free check-in, 17 seconds for quick check-out." The whole B&B implements AI intelligent application, and guests can get personalized services such as ordering and laundering through the AI intelligent voice private housekeeper in the room.


Next to the property, the robot bar is full of technology. A uniquely designed robotic wine cabinet, through PAD terminal equipment or mobile phone, realizes automatic goods distribution and one-click wine picking.


03 Feel the Culture


The Post Office from the Qing Dynasty


The renovated Yanzhou Post Culture Exhibition Hall can actually function as a real post station. The museum has five large exhibition halls, which are Yanzhou Station History Exhibition, Yanzhou Post Office Historical Objects Exhibition, Yanzhou Historical People's Letter Exhibition, Yanzhou Celebrity Introduction and Letter Exhibition and Post Office. Being in the Yanzhou Post Culture Exhibition Hall, not only can you experience the postal culture of the Qing Dynasty, but also the cultural profile of the Yanzhou period.


Jinshi Museum


The museum is located under the dam from Chengqing Gate to the Fuyun Gate. Into the museum, visitors will first see the main exhibition area and walking forward, visitors will enter the Yanzhou Historical and Cultural Exhibition Hall. On the right of the exhibition hall is the Meicheng timeline, and the left the archaeological achievements of the ancient city wall of Meicheng.


How to get there:

◎ Get off Hangxinjing Expressway at the exit of Yangcun Bridge (pinyin: yang cun qiao; simplified Chinese: 杨村桥) and continue driving in the direction of Meicheng Town until reaching the destination;
◎ Take Hangzhou-Mt. Huangshan High-speed train and get off at the station of East Jiande Station (pinyin: jian de dong; simplified Chinese: 建德东) and transfer to Meicheng Town by public bus;
◎ Take a long-distance bus from Hangzhou West Long-distance Bus Station (pinyin: qi che xi zhan; simplified Chinese: 汽车西站) and Jiubao Coach Center (pinyin: jiu bao ke yun zhong xin; simplified Chinese: 九堡客运中心) to get to Meicheng Town (takes about one and a half hours).



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