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Have Fun This Mid-Autumn Festival 2020-04-05

Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon. What plan do you have for this traditional Chinese festival? How about participating in Hangzhou's abundant Mid-Autumn celebration activities?



During the Mid-Autumn Festival, why not board the No. 17 "Dream" luxury dining cruise ship, take a photo with the super moon, taste the internet-famous red "The Jade Rabbit*" pudding, and have plenty of seafood, delicate desserts, juice salads and more.


* The Jade Rabbit is a character from Chinese folklore, who lives on the moon with Chang-e.


Bring your family and friends to enjoy the feast on water, while enjoying the 17°C Xin'an River 100-meter-tall water fountain show.


On the night of Mid-Autumn Festival, there is also a dynamic firework show available!


Telephone: +86 15267517517
Time: 17:45-20:15 from 13th to 14th, September


Lingxi Light Show

The upgrade of the Qingfeng Cave's lighting is more conducive to tourists to appreciate the karst cave landscape. At the entrance of the cave, visitors can enjoy the cool breeze while they experience such games as "punching monsters on stone walls", "catching demon in the karst cave ", and "Pilgrimage to the West" photo customization.


Telephone: +86 571-64569230
Times: September 13th to 15th, 2019

Fruit Picking Show


During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the annual picking festival of Qintang Township will kick off. The Weiduo Kiwifruit Picking Base and the Fig Farm Base of the Yuanye Family Farm will launch the activity of free admission fee and free tasting.


While picking fruits, you can go to the rice field of Putian Village, watch the painting of paddy field, experience the farming culture and taste the special rice of putian.


Telephone: 13989452477
Times: September 13th to 15th, 2019


Aviation Town

During the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the aviation town hot spring offers a special discount package of 380 yuan/person: one night stay in the standard room of the train theme hotel + unlimited times of hot spring baths + hot air balloon experience + bonfire party, to enjoy the tranquility and romance of the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion night.

More Mid-Autumn Festival Fun Recommended

Qiantan Town

The Feng Sheng Shui Qi Club in Qiantan Town will introduce a two-day, one-night "Play Cheerfully on Fujiang River" parent-child water battle package. Take advantage of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and have a fun and long-awaited water ride with your family!

Sandu Fishing Village

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, Sandu Fishing Village will perform the provincial intangible cultural heritage performance - the Water Wedding of the Fishermen of Nine Surnames at 10:30 am every day; the Hangzhou intangible cultural heritage - Mazhai line puppet show in the fishing village cultural hall every day from 12:00 to 13:30 in the afternoon.

Kaiyuanfang Grassland

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, Hangzhou Wonderland Resort Jiande Fuchun will introduce the activity of "Be An Almighty Little Cute Rabbit". To become a little cute rabbit and have a meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival!


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