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Wake Up Your Taste Buds 2019-06-10

If you have trouble deciding which one to choose from the great variety of breakfast options in Qiandao Lake breakfast shops, then the article is definite for you!


1.Mi Geng (Rice Soup) 米羹


Mi Geng is the most characteristic traditional food in Qiandao Lake. It was said to be invented by a Xiucai (who passed the imperial examination at the county level in Chinese Ming and Qing dynasties). The soup is famous for its spicy taste. Having a bowl of thick, warm and spicy rice soup in the early morning will ensure you a comfortable day. Every household in Qiandao Lake makes delicious Mi Geng and is a common practice for Qiandao Lake people to entertain guests from afar with it.


2.Bao Lu Guo 苞芦粿


Bao Lu Guo is a traditional food in Chun'an and also a famous Qiandao Lake characteristic snack. It is bright yellow in color, with a mellow taste and high satiety. The strong flavor bears the childhood memories of the Qiandao Lake people. It represents the real Qiandao Lake food culture and the world's most simple life.


3.Mi Guo (Rice Cake) 米粿


Mi Guo is a kind of food Chinese usually have during the Qingming Festival; but families in Qiandao Lake make it on ordinary days as well. There are two types of Mi Guo in Qiandao Lake. Those made by adding Chinese mugwort leaves are called Qingming Kuih, or green kuih; those without the leaves are called White Kuih. Mi Guo can be made into two tastes, sweet and salty ones. Sweet Mi Guo is usually round in the shape with fillings such as sesame, white granulated sugar etc. The fillings of salty ones are prepared from two to three ingredients like pickled vegetables, tofu, winter bamboo shoots, turnip strips, pork etc. The ordinary way to cook Mi Guo is to steam them in a pot. They can also be roasted on a charcoal stove. Roasted Mi Guo is golden in color and tastes soft and smooth with a stronger fragrance.

4.You Dun Er (Fried Vegetable Cake/Pie) 油墩儿


 It’s a common scene in Chun’an County that near a school or at the curbside, peddlers make You Dun Zi in a food stand with a little briquette stove and a pan. To make You Dun Zi, you need to put pasty into a cylinder mold and fry them in oil. Once a layer of thin skin is formed on the pastry surface, pour out the rest of pastry, stuff some pickled vegetables and tofu, or turnip and tofu into the mold and seal it with pastry. Once it’s done, deep fry it in oil until it’s golden.


5.Jiang’s Baked Cake 姜家烧饼


Jiangjia Chinese Style Baked Roll has enjoyed an age-long reputation and has a history of over a thousand years. According to legend, it was invented by a cook named Liu Qi. The current version of Jiangjia Chinese style Baked Roll was formed after constant improvements. Its main ingredient is flour and its fillings are preserved vegetables and selected pork. On its surface are added with sesame and white granulated sugar. It has two tastes, spicy and non-spicy.


6.Toasted Pancake


The thin bread cake stuffed with dried vegetables will let you travel back in a second to your childhood. A table board and a sheet-iron stove, placed on a corner of the Qiandao Lake, can be easily found as long as tracing the smell of toasted pancake.

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Wake Up Your Taste Buds2019-06-10
If you have trouble deciding which one to choose from the great variety of breakfast options in Qiandao Lake breakfast shops, then the article is definite for you!
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