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Eat to Your Heart's Content at Restaurants in Hangzhou 2019-03-26
Although many new restaurants open every year in Hangzhou, there are still some old restaurants with never fading charm! Have you been to any of the famous restaurants as follows?

Qing Jing Jiu Jia Restaurant

Speaking of old Hangzhou food street - Hedong Road, the most popular is "Qing Jing Jiu Jia” restaurant. At the beginning of 2010, Qing Jing Jiu Jia opened its second branch in Shengli River Food Street. It was the largest restaurant in the food street, with an area of more than 1,000 square meters. It is also one of the most popular and prosperous restaurants in Shengli River.

Qing Jing Jiu Jia is famous for its seafood cooking. Its display area is full of fresh seafood with apparently tender texture. Different seafood products are cooked in different and unique ways. The most typical is nothing but spicy cooking, light cooking and teppanyaki.

| Xiawan Lana Branch Address: No. 284 Xiawan Lane

| Wantang Road Branch Address: At the intersection of Wantang Road and Huaxing Road

Yue Shun Restaurant

If Guangzhou is a paradise of delicacies, Shunde will be the base in the paradise. Yue Shun is a restaurant in Hangzhou that specializes in traditional Cantonese cuisine of Shunde. Shunde Cuisine always pays attention to natural materials, original taste and flavor, purely produced by the chef's smart knife work and careful cooking. You can taste all well-known dishes in Yue Shun, such as Deep Boiled Porridge with Various Ingredients in Hot Pot, Shunde Sashimi, Shunde braised food, jelly food, Shunde Stir-fry, nourishing slow cooked soup and traditional Shunde dessert.

| Zancheng Branch Address: 1 / f, Zancheng Center, No. 624 Zhijiang Road

| Zhaohui Branch Address: Zhongshan garden podium building, No. 211 Zhaohui Road

| Yugu Road Branch Address: No. 166, Yugu Road

Flower Scene Restaurant

Flower Scene is located in Four Wells, Hupao Road, with a favorable location. It is 3 kilometers away from the West Lake, close to the Sweet Osmanthus Rain at Manjuelong Village, Dreaming of Tiger at Hupao Valley, Hangzhou Zoo and other scenic areas.

It is no exaggeration to say "flower scene" of the restaurant. Flowers are actually in almost any corners here. Some are planted in flowerbeds, others decorated on walls... The L-shaped courtyard looks like a small garden.

In the flower-crowded restaurant, we can taste innovative private cuisine. Flower Scene follows the principle of winning with ingredients and taste, and constantly collect fresh ingredients from all over the world to make dishes that seem ordinary but stunning to the taste buds.

| Address: No. 61, Four Wells, northwest corner of Hupao Road and Yingui Road
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