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The World's First Extreme Discovery Park 2019-03-20
Maybe you are no stranger to Mogan Mountain which was rated among the world’s top 45 best tourist destinations by the New York Times. CNN regarded it as one of the 15 distinctive must-visit places in China, in addition to the Great Wall.

As one of the top four summer resorts in China with a vast bamboo sea, Mogan Mountain not only is a gathering place for farmhouses and boutique B&B, but also has the world's first extreme discovery theme park - the discovery Adventures Moganshan Park. The park covers an area of about 1 million square meters. It provides travelers and outdoor enthusiasts all over the world with excellent in-depth exploration experience.

Climbing Wall (Extreme Climbing)

The park has by far the largest climbing wall in China at different challenge levels. It is suitable for all ages and levels of rock-climbing players! Even if you are a junior player, you don't have to fear heights but challenge yourself.

Challenge Course

When challenging the Challenge Course, one needs to face the double fear of height and speed, and even breathe faster and feel weak at the knees when climbing the high tower. However, under professional guidance, you will gradually master the key to speed control. After summoning up the courage to self-challenge, you may even have the urge to do it again!

Zipline Tour

A thrilling glide cableway is set up on the mountain top in the park, with a total length of about 600 meters, and a drop of about 200 meters from the highest point to the lowest point. The cableway at the speed of 50 kilometers per hour runs through the jungle. It is not only very exciting but also provides a good chance to overlook the scenery of lush mountains and river valleys.

“Love Balloon” (Hot Air Balloon)

For a romantic challenge in the park, you must try the soaring hot air balloon! Flying has always been a dream of human beings. In the park, you can view the world from the perspective of god. Up to six people can ride in a hot air balloon, soaring 80 meters in the air. It is very exciting and incredible to overlook the rolling hills in the hot air balloon.

Adventure Trekking

Mogan Mountain, with numerous streams, valleys and dense bamboo trails, is very suitable for trekking. According to the level of difficulty, the park has opened three jungle trekking routes, all within 3 kilometers. The whole route is full of unknown mysteries. Even if you have been hiking in the mountain, you will see a different Mogan Mountain when you trace the trekking routes. Some roads even require you to walk on all fours.

Obstacle Challenge

Good explorers know that it is dangerous to be alone. Good teamwork is the key to survival. Cross tires, drill pipes... If you don't have good stamina, you have to have good teammates!

Wilderness Survival

If you are tired of urban life and want to try something new, come here and try wilderness survival with the simulated real scenes of emergencies and the wilds. (Dare to eat living insects?) You can also go camping, catch fireflies, watch campfire... In addition, you can take children into nature and guide them to appreciate nature.

• Take the high-speed train to Deqing Station, take a taxi about 40 minutes to the park.
• Address of the park: Zhuyuan Road, Moganshan Town, Deqing County, Zhejiang Province, China (within Joe Lalli Narada Resort)

The park is located in Joe Lalli Narada Resort. In addition to adventure, there are also hotels in the resort. Moreover, there are many B&B outside the resort.

- Opening Hours -
From Monday to Sunday:10:00~17:00

- Ticket Information -
Extreme Experience 360 Ticket---------¥600+
Hot Air Balloon Ticket---------¥299+
Nature Exploration Ticket-------¥450+
Zipline Tour Ticket-------¥450+
Extreme Climbing Ticket-------¥450+
The actual fares are subject to the park.
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