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Sixty-Year-Old Hangzhou Library Stores Memorable Periods 2019-01-17
Just few days ago, a large-scale commemoration in the form of picture poem declaiming was held in the lecture hall to celebrate the six-year-old birthday of the Hangzhou Library.

Hangzhou Library, to be honest, is not an ordinary place but, being praised as “the most heartwarming library” in terms of taking in tramps and scavengers, an unusual place that has been making waves among the net surfers on social media. Through constant innovation, the library has been set as a successful example of public cultural service all across the country.

A library developed from a small meeting room with 3,000 borrowed books

“In 1958, building a library was almost an impossible mission”, Mr. Zhu, a retired librarian recalled, “after receiving the requirement of the superior to kick off the plan of building a library of our own within three days, we felt stressed out and were worried about the three elements of constructing a library, namely location, books and fund, all of which were big challenges for us.”

Finally, after consideration, all the troubles were solved by borrowing: an Eighty-square-meter meeting room borrowed from Xinhua Book Store to put shelves and 3000 books borrowed from the Zhejiang Provincial Library.

It is hard to imagine today that such a simple and crude library could attract so many readers, with endless line of people waiting for entrance every day, which showed that people in China, back then, had great thirst for knowledge and self-development.

What’s your own memory about “the most heartwarming library”?

As time goes by, the small library with just several thousands of books narrowly nestled in a meeting room 60 years ago has completed its beautiful transformation and has now become a grand and magnificent library, with an area of 49,000 square kilometers and a stock of 5,600,000 books.

These sixty years, which have witnessed the transformation from physical books to digital reading, from closed frame lending to open-shelf lending and from humble environment to superior reading space, is not the end of the development of Hangzhou Library, but, on the contrary, a new starting point.
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Hangzhou’s "Sydney Opera House" Makes Its Debut2019-02-28
As a new option for the cultural life of the citizens, the Hangzhou Yuhang Grand Theater will not only carry out the public benefit brand performances such as "Opening the Art Gate" and "Citizen Concert", but also aims to attract more citizens to enter the theater to appreciate the charm of art by holding art exhibitions, art summer camps and art lectures.
Hangzhou's Showtime2019-02-28
The year 2019 is the seventh year of Hangzhou's new media overseas marketing and opens a new chapter for the promotion of Hangzhou’s culture and tourism as a whole. From February 9 to 10, local time in the United States, Hangzhou Culture Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau put on a grand culture and tourism show "Hangzhou’s Showtime" in the Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles. Hangzhou is the first Chinese city that has ever done so.
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