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Leisure Villages for Stress Relief 2019-06-04
Sometimes we need to spend some idle time relaxing so that we can remain productive, and leisure time helps us to cope with the most stressful of days.

Recently, Zhejiang Culture and Tourism Office released the list of 2018 Zhejiang Model Villages of Leisure Tourism and, a total of six Villages in Thousand-Islet Lake make their mark with incredible beauty.

1.Aoshan Village (鳌山村)

With a lake in the front and mountains at the back as well as Qianfen Greenway stretching through the village, the place is blessed with a marvelous natural and ecological environment and a multitude of different landscapes due to the seasonal changes.

In recent years, the village has dramatically enriched the infrastructure and has completed a series of tourist projects such as the hiking trail, cycling path around the Islet, fishing farm, fishing experiencing base, and coffee shops…

Aoshan Village, with a long history of fishery, owns very abundant fishing resources and has attracted many visitors to rest in local B&B hotels on the theme of fish culture and watch some ancient fishing tools.

2. Qiaoxi Village (桥西村)

As a leader of rural tourism in Chun’an County, Qiaoxi Village has received many honorable titles for its rich natural resources, perfect living facilities, reasonable layout and brilliant culture.

In recent years, Qiaoxi Village has fully taken advantage of its geographical position as the back garden of Thousand-Islet Lake and has taken advantage of utilizing the provincial policy of “forging ahead the development of tourism in western Zhejiang”, by completing 25 agritainment destinations, 21 B&B hotels, fruit-picking orchards and so on…

3.Wangjiayuan Village (汪家源村)

Wangjiayuan Village, the development of which focuses on characteristic agricultural bases and fruit-picking, aims to build a community of farms with characteristics of modern metropolitan leisure.

At present, many agricultural enterprises such as Lanshanxi, Xinmin Fruit, Guanyi and fruit-picking &sightseeing farms such as Shuangying and Shanwan have sprung up in the village. Moreover, the industrial pattern is also further completed by the emergence of many agricultural parks, B&B hotels, plantation bases and other correlative industries.

4.Fude Village(富德村)

Fude Village enjoys a superior geographic location, which can be seen from the convenient transportation covering highways, waterways and railways. It has the perfect ecological environment with abundant water resources and is close to some scenic regions, for example, it is only 10 kilometers from Stone Forest scenic spot. A 3A-level rafting spot named Fairy Valley is also nestled in the village, bringing memorable experiences for tourists looking for the perfect way to leisure.

5.Jiangjia Village (姜家村)

Jiangjia Village is the southwest portal of Thousand-Islet Lake with a distinctive Jiangnan area landscape which is characterized by water culture. Surrounded by mountains and the lake, Jiangjia village forms a splendid scene of “village in the lake and lake in the village”.

The village is like a land of idyllic beauty depicted in the famous Chinese ancient prose “Peach-Blossom Source”: it came out into the open air, upon lands level and wide with houses of a stately appearance. With blue sky, crystal-clear water, bridges…the beauty of Jiangjia village lies in the harmonious interactions between nature and human beings.

The village can be divided into four main scenic region parts, namely Chengdong, Hongshan, Jiangjia and Ganwu, and the main scenic spots include Wenyuan Lion City, Longchuanwan Scenic region, Lion City Museum, Kuiwen Pagoda and cycling Green Way.

6.Qingtian Village (青田村)

Qingtian Village boasts a wealth of natural resources and profound cultural heritages, and due to its unique natural environment, distinctive local hotels and convenient transportation, it has been awarded the title of “the most beautiful village in Chun’an County” as well as “provincial featured tourist village”, “provincial featured agritainment village” and so on.

The villagers who engage in tourism amount to 30% of the total population in the village and they are determined to build Qiantian Village into a better tourist destination that is a combination of natural landscape, ecological environment, local customs and culture.
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