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Farewell to Hangzhou’s most Shabby Coach Station 2019-01-04
As one of the four main coach stations scattered in and around Hangzhou city, Hangzhou South Coach station, compared to the other three, is the most inconspicuous and shabby one. The station, for dozens of years, has been working like a conscientious officer worker, doing its essential part to maintain the smooth traffic flow of the city, the humble appearance of which, however, can never erase the great contributions it has made to the intercity transportation linkage.

A coach center receiving both compliments and criticism

Although Hangzhou South Bus station is close to Wujiang Road Railway Station, it is not easy to find and every day, there are passengers carrying suitcases hurrying down the street trying to locate the station.

Apart from its disadvantageous location, the place is also criticized by passengers for the very severe and tedious inspections, police dog inspection after ID card check, but it is, to be honest, not a disadvantage because all of this is for the safety of each-and-every passenger.

Myriads of food stores as well as bustling crowds, mingled with the sound of the whistle of buses before departure, form a most distinctive memory of Hangzhou South Coach station.

A coach center awaiting removal

An official notice stating: “areas as far east as Xinkai River, south as the parking lot of Hangzhou South Coach station, east as Sanduo Road and north as Dongbao Road will be expropriated by the government in the near future” is pasted on the bulletin board near Hangzhou South Coach station, which means the old bus station that has served the city for more than 30 years, will be relocated to another place with a totally new face.

A member of staff of the station said that the coach center is currently still in service and that the dismantling work should be finished around the beginning of 2019.
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