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This is Qiandao Lake … 2019-06-04
Undulating mountains and a vast stretch of crystal-clear water compose the Chinese ink painting-like scenery of Qiandao Lake.
The age-long history and profound culture of Qiandao Lake make Qiandao Lake what it is now and good ecological environment is its long-time pursuit.
Qiandao Lake is the cradle of Xin’an Culture.

Lake • Mountain

In 1959, Xin’an River Hydroelectric power station started its dam construction which then led to the formation of the Most Beautiful Artificial Lake of China – Qiandao Lake. At that point, the over 1800-year-old city was submerged at the lake bottom, becoming the mysterious Oriental Atlantis.

Hills in the area were half submerged by water which then formed the landscape of 1078 islands scattering around the artificial lake, 2500-kilometer-long lakeshore zigzagging around the 17.8 billion-cubic-meter water, which presents the unique view of “a thousand islands, crystal-clear water and golden lakeshore” of Qiandao Lake.

One can ascend Meifeng Peak to enjoy a panoramic view of Qiandao Lake, or visit Mishan Hill to feel the Buddhism atmosphere, or stop at Huangshan Peak to view the naturally formed Chinese characters by mountains “天下为公(the whole world as one community)”, or commemorate Hai Rui (the Ming dynasty official who is nationally known for its honesty and uprightness) in Longshan Hill …

People • Culture

Qiandao Lake enjoys an age-long history and profound culture. Founded in Chinese Eastern Han Dynasty as a county, it now has a history of over 1800 years. It shines with many art forms, with Chun’an Bamboo Horse (a traditional folk dance) and Muju opera listed as a national designated intangible culture heritage …

In history, Qiandao Lake is linked with many Chinese talents, including the Sanyuan prime minister of the Ming Dynasty (Sanyuan means scholars who have gotten the first place in all three levels of imperial competitions) – Shan Lu, the famous philosopher, Zhu Xi from the Song Dynasty, have both lectured here, and the nationally well-known, honest and upright official of the Ming Dynasty, Hai Rui, acted as the county magistrate of the area for four years.

Emerald-green water and Verdant Mountain • Mountains of Gold and Silver

Enchanting scenery, great eco-environment, perennial surface Class I water quality, one of the first groups of Chinese quality water sources, great air condition, the largest forest coverage rate in Zhejiang Province, home to the largest forest park in China.

In Qiandao Lake, there is a 150-kilometer long lakeside greenway traversing villages, forests and mountains, creating the greenway economy of Qiandao Lake. Marathons, cycling competitions around the lake take turns to lead the way in Qiandao Lake, earning Qiandao Lake in Southern China with the same reputation as Qinghai Lake in Northern China.

Teas and foods produced in Qiandao Lake are favored by many. Muzhou and Qingxi in the area are the oldest tea producing areas in China; Jiukeng Imperial Tea was taken as tributes to emperors; Organic fish branded Chun was made at the scene during the Hangzhou G20 Summit …

Past Success  • Future Plan

Hangzhou-Huangshan Mountain High Speedway is to be opened in January, 2019; Qiandao Lake-Huangshan Mountain expressway is scheduled to finish in 2020. The dream of having Beijing Roast duck in Beijing for lunch and savoring Qiandao Lake organic fish head at dinner will soon be fulfilled.

The ten thousand sq m Qiandao Lake Asian Games Center will host three games of 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games …

Qiandao Lake was successfully listed as one of the Top Ten Lakes for Sports and Leisure of Zhejiang Province
Shilin Port Sports Town was listed as the pilot place of the first group of sports and leisure themed characteristic towns.

Why not escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life to Qiandao Lake.

This is Qiandao Lake
Here, you will be amazed at its scenery,
get touched by its history,
and will never forget its friendliness.
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