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Hangzhou’s Shopping Malls Deck the Halls… 2019-03-20
As Christmas draws closer, almost every shopping mall in Hangzhou city has decked its halls with festive Christmas scenes.

Mixc (万象城)

Mixc is going to have a most luxurious Christmas: home to one of only seven Cartier Christmas trees, DJI unmanned aerial vehicle, Tesla…the list is endless
Mixc’s magic of Christmas began with a Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, unveiled by a host of princesses from fairy-tales across the world, dreamy scenes of which can be seen to contrast perfectly with the splendid interior of the shopping mall. The Christmas carnival will continue until December 25, when Jason Keam, an artist from the US, will bring bespoke pieces of artwork.

Address: 701 Fuchun Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou (江干区富春路701号)

Joy-City (大悦城)

When night falls, the golden portal of Joy-City glows like a shining star, leading shoppers to follow a trail of a thousand sparkling lamps. Inside the building, the room is filled with a rich aura of Christmas where visitors will surely be attracted to the fancy cloud tunnel and bubble wars.

Address: 813 Moganshan Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou (拱墅区莫干山路813号)

Longhu Times Street Shopping Center (龙湖时代天街购物中心)

To celebrate Christmas, a grand indoor fairyland has been created on the first floor of the Longhu Times Street Shopping Center.

On the theme of “building dreams”, the large-scale hall is decorated by a tall Christmas tree, soft clouds, snow balls and multicolored baubles that are scattered all around the ground. The place is inviting and makes you dream of Christmas over, and over again.

Address: Longhu Times Street Shopping Center, Jinshahu CBD, Jianggan District, Hangzhou (江干区金沙湖CBD龙湖时代天街购物中心)
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West Lake Tea, Manjuelong Osmanthus, … Best Things of Hangzhou2019-03-11
In Chinese culture, food is the paramount necessity of the people. They think food is not just about shutting down the hunger, but also a way of life. All words and images about food are welcome. Anything that is connected with food connects hearts and minds. For the love of delicious food, one may come all the way to a restaurant; for the love of delicious food, one may fall in love with a B&B... In Manjuelong, osmanthus flowers are the most eye-catching. Food in Manjuelong is mostly added with osmanthus flowers. In addition, B&B’s in Manjuelong combine their own characteristics, developed various delicious food. Let's find out!
Free Attraction Suitable for One Day Sightseeing2019-03-06
Here is a collection of free tourist attractions in Hangzhou that is suitable for one day sightseeing and enough for you to enjoy a wild day throughout the year!
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