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Yangtze River Delta Region Accelerates Its Integration in Digitalization 2018-12-06
On December 1, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo embedded a shared quick response code in their respective metro apps, which means passengers within these three cities can now use the city’s dedicated metro app to embark on their respective subways. This is a fresh step towards a deepened integration of the Yangtze River Delta Region, which has completed a “one-hour economic circle”.

The Yangtze River Delta Region, as the most densely-populated area in China, has successfully overcome challenges of cross-regional management, and has built a city group with a shared metro code.

Yangtze River Delta plays a leading role in entrance of metro code swiping

For Hangzhou people, who have been accustomed to the convenience of taking the metro by swiping a QR code, from now on, can board trains using a shared metro code installed in the “Hangzhou Metro App”, in the neighboring cities of Shanghai and Ningbo. The boarding process, which takes less than one second, has successfully circumvented the fuss of buying a physical ticket or swapping metro apps for entrance within the area.

Alipay, the mobile payment leader in China, provides technical support, which is Alipay’s first application of the cross-regional code swiping techniques as well as the first implemented item of China’s Yangtze River Delta Region integration program.

Covering area continues expanding…

Following the proposal of fulfilling connected transportation in Yangtze River Delta Region, In June this year, a concept of “Yangtze River Delta Citizen” was formed.

This new concept paves the way for a more comprehensive coverage of shared metro code service, and other major cities such as Nanjing and Hefei plan to have it completed at the end of the year, expanding to all cities owing metro service in the area. It is said that the local transportation authorities have been working on the possibility of extending the shared QR code model to cover a wider range of transportation means, such as buses, taxis and high-speed railways.
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