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Jellyfish in the Spotlight 2018-11-30
As one of the most influential and exceptional sports events, FINA Short Course World Championships has drawn attention from all corners of the world. In less than a month, the well-anticipated 14th FINA Short Course World Championships (25 meters) will be held in Hangzhou and to celebrate this great spectacle, Hangzhou has prepared a series of magnificent light shows on the theme of swimming.

The leading role of the light shows will be played by the mascot of the international competition, a jellyfish called Jelly, who shows the slogan of the big event “Swimming in Hangzhou•Connecting to the world” by three sections, namely “the birth of Jelly”, “Jelly’s travel in Hangzhou” and “Jelly’s exploration in the swimming pool”. In the underwater world, the crystal-clear like Jelly will be seen swimming among the swaying water plants, breath-taking pictures of which are projected onto the skyscrapers in Qianjiang CBD.

The light show will be unveiled in the section of “the birth of Jelly”, where by the advanced use of technical lights, tides of blue seawater will surge onto the surface of the buildings to show that Hangzhou is a city born in water.

In the section of “Jelly’s travel in Hangzhou”, Jelly as a tour guide, will lead spectators into enjoying a city of swimming from spectacular water views from the West Lake to the Grand Canal.

Moreover, in the part of “Jelly’s exploration in the swimming pool”, the scene is dissolved into a swimming pool, where Jelly, dressed as a professional swimmer, will dance, spin around in circles and sprint in the swimming lanes, all of which indicates that swimming athletes participating in the 14th FINA Short Course World Championships (25 meters) will bring spectators an enlightening show.

The 14th FINA Short Course World Championships (25 meters) is not only a channel that connects professional swimmers from all over the world, but it is also a bridge connecting Hangzhou to the rest of the world. Before the light shows come to an end, fireworks showing the name of the world class sports event will illuminate the sky and in doing so will wish all a great success in the 2018 Hangzhou FINA Short Course World Championships (25 meters).

Show Time:
during 18:28-18:30 and 19:28-19:30 every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from November 16 to December 17
Best Viewing Spot: Qianjiang CBD Urban Balcony
Transportation: take subway line 4 to Citizen Center Station and exit through K or L, then walk a few minutes until you reach the Urban Balcony
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