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Qiangtang Riverbank -Forty Years and Counting… 2018-11-29
On the morning of November 22, a photo exhibition was launched in Hangzhou Grand Theater(杭州大剧院) to celebrate the forty-year anniversary of Economic Reform and Opening Up policy. Through a series of pictures, spectators can now visit the past 40 years and learn all about the Qiangtang Riverbank and its great transformation.

The profound history, park-like natural setting and rapid economic development of the Qiantang riverbank are all shown in the aerial and panoramic photos, which can be divided into four themes, namely “the origin”, “development based on Qiantang River”, “Hangzhou Bay” and “Qiangtang memory”.

Time Flies

“These years, great changes have been taken place in Qiangjiang CBD and I, as a photographer, like to capture the imposing scenes by aerial photography. With a large group of skyscrapers reaching to the sky, this place looks like Manhattan.” On the spot, Mr.Hu, introduced the Qianjiang CBD to a crowd of young spectators, “especially at dawn and at dusk in summer, it looks rather amazing when the sun casts its glorious rays.

The exhibition area on the theme of “Qiangtang memory” is specifically-tailored for spectators to see the great changes in daily life. A combination of vivid pictures and videos constitute a vivid picture scroll showcasing the great success that has been achieved in the Qiantang riverbank in aspects of economy, politics, culture and society.

A Glimpse of Forty Year’s Transformation

“Fifty years ago, the prosperous area beside the river was a deserted land, but now it has become a very high-end district. I can still remember the old days when we worked together to reclaim the riverbank, the scene of which can only be shown in pictures.” a 71-year-old Hangzhou native said affectionately.

Lots of spectators said they were moved by seeing the old scenes in the pictures. Some people said “I’m totally dazzled by the great changes. It’s hard to imagine” while others said that “even though I have never lived in the scenes in the old pictures, I can imagine being there”.

If you have an interest in the past, then just come to Hangzhou Grand Theater(杭州大剧院) and visit, for free, this magnificent photo exhibition, which will last until December 20, and don’t forget to walk away with your very own photo album.
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