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Be Dazzled by Autumn’s Vibrant Scenery 2018-11-16
Chinese Roses in Hangzhou Flower Nursery Bloom Marvelously for a Second Year

Having pervaded the air with an osmanthus scent, Hangzhou Flower Nursery has now prepared a visual feast for its visitors - Chinese roses in Hangzhou Flower Nursery. As the largest field of Chinese roses, in Hangzhou’s main district, this magnificent species is blooming marvelously for the second year running.

The flowers vary in colors, brilliant red, graceful yellow or romantic pink which, from a distance, look like colorful lanterns.

Reconstructed in 2014 and with an area of around 10 thousand Mu, the Chinese rose garden in Hangzhou Flower Nursery now owns more than 50 thousand Chinese roses and more than 100 species. A variety of distinctive Chinese roses such as the Tree Rose, the Grandiflora Rose and Floribunda Rose, are well structured and arranged in the garden.

Chinese roses prefer an environment that is moderately warm and with temperate sunshine, so, in Hangzhou, the blooming period continues from May to November, with April, May, October and November as the peak times.

Phoenix Trees in Beishan Streets Are Forming a Beautiful Painting

As the leaves from the phoenix trees gradually turn gold, Beishan Street also begins to shine.

As a popular spot to take pictures, many a photographer has made a perfect photo album depicting seasonal changes in the street, from dark green to pale gold, from sprouting to falling and from the lush to the bold.

Pennisetum in Baita Park are making weaves

Baita Park is a peaceful place, but with the growing number of Pennisetum, the park is becoming a popular tourist spot.

With fluffy stalks and smooth lines, vast fields of Pennisetum are waving in the breeze, forming a pale pink blanket. Pennisetum, in Chinese is named “Wolf Tail Grass”, which is named for its special shape. Spring and autumn are the best viewing periods for Pennisetum and in the park, there are many varieties for you to enjoy.
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Chrysanthemum Vie with Each Other for Glamour2018-11-16
To celebrate the season of chrysanthemum, the flower that dominates autumn, the China’s 8th Chrysanthemum Exhibition will be in full bloom from November 3 to December 10 at King Qian’s Temple in the scenic area “Orioles singing in the willows”.
How to Satisfy Your Taste Buds in Hangzhou2018-11-16
As winter draws near, we begin to look for ways to combat the cold. The following food streets with their number of delicious snacks and dishes are bound to warm your mind body and soul.
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