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How Beijiaqiao River is Making Waves… 2018-11-16
Beijiaqiao River stretches along Raocheng Village in Sandun Town, Hangzhou City. Whereas the village is newly built, the river can be traced back to thousands of years ago. With a stone tablet carved with “Hangzhou Municipal Historical Heritage”, this old river has witnessed, over time, many transformations and is now beginning to make waves.

At present, thanks to the “Five Water Treatment” project and “Beautiful countryside construction” plan, the village is refurbishing, and the river is reviving. Nestled in the west of Hangzhou city, this “grand garden” as a newly built scenic spot, which is characterized by scenes of “scenery in village; river and village in scenery”, has been open to the public since this year’s National Day. The scenic region consists of two villages and more than 5000 Mu of farm land. With Beijiaqiao River flowing through the scenic area, visitors can take boats to admire the water culture here.

Villagers celebrate the scenic river by running along it

When approaching the river, you will find the clean river water mirrors the blue sky, where clouds appear to float on the surface, and inside varieties of fish are swimming around groups of water plants. There is a row of trees placed neatly on each river bank, beside which are two tracks that are filled with running enthusiasts.
Located at the junction of one of Hangzhou’s main districts and Yuhang District, Beijiaqiao River was an essential channel for trading and business throughout time, and because of this, this area was once called the “tiny Shanghai”. However due to the rise of land carriage and industrial pollution, the river declined. Fortunately, with efforts from the government, the river turned clean again and has a great influence on line.

“As one of the prettiest rivers in Hangzhou, Beijiaqiao River has now become a net influencer”, said Sun, a local villager, “with gorgeous scenery, clean water and fresh air, people are drawn to exercise here”.

The prettiest rural park is waiting for your arrival

The scenic region, in the future, will boast a combination of modern city life and rural recreation, which will include ecological agriculture, sports, rural home-stay, and tourism etc. “we have planned to construct a prettiest rural garden as the new model of successful urbanization”, a local government official said.
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