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Autumn - Season of Harvest 2018-11-16
Autumn is the season of harvest and the time to feast your senses on a variety of fruits. Apart from the familiar ones like persimmon, orange and Chinese chestnut, there are many other delicious and interesting fruits waiting, in bunches, to be picked and appreciated.

Honey Tree Fruits

Honey trees are rarely seen in the downtown area but are very common in rural areas. The trees are extremely tall with the fruits dangling high in and among the branches, which can be very easily missed.
The honey tree fruit, in Chinese is called “Guaizao”, which literally means crooked jujube. The name probably comes from the crooked fruit shape. In fact, the edible part of the honey tree fruit is not the fruit itself, but the thick fruit stem. October, to be honest, is not the best time to eat the fruits of the honey tree because of their sour taste, but when it begins to frost, that’s when they show their sweeter side.
Where to find: Hangzhou Botanical Garden

Ginkgo Nut

Ginkgoes can be seen in many corners of Hangzhou city, most of which are just around the residential areas. Many Hangzhou locals are fond of strolling in the ginkgo forest and picking ginkgo nuts. Ginkgo nuts cannot be found in all ginkgoes only inside the female ones.
Now is the time that ginkgo nuts are becoming ripe, so walking through Hangzhou Botanical Garden from the south gate, you will find ginkgo nuts everywhere on the ground falling from a row of ginkgoes. Ripe ginkgo nuts look like kumquats and ooze in fragrance.
Ginkgo nuts taste starchy, which is like the taste of Chinese chestnuts but much more bitter.
Ginkgo nuts should be eaten ripe and in moderation, otherwise they will lead to intoxication.
Where to find: Chaohui Garden; Shuguang Road; in the entrance of Daguanxiyuan community; Gu Mountain; Wuyun Mountain
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