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New Experiences of Intelligent Tourism in the West Lake 2018-11-16
As one of the most popular scenic spots, it came as no surprise to see, during the National Holidays, the West Lake overflowing with millions of visitors. With so many people flocking to this famous tourist area, management teams strive to solve the problem of congestion, but with information technology the tourist services have improved a lot.

Intelligent Parking—traffic congestion alleviation

At the car park exit of Hangzhou Children’s park, there are two access control devices with QR codes for self-service payment. When the car is drawing near, the access identification system will quickly recognize the license plate and permit you through and therefore ease any unnecessary congestion. “With this self-service payment, the running efficiency improves a lot and thus eases the traffic congestion upon exiting”, said a member of staff working in the Scenic region.

Intelligent Transportation—traffic guidance

During the National Holidays, the West Lake took new measures in improving traffic which was based on the principle of “slow entrance, quick exit and clear inside”. Before rush hour, vehicles can enter and exit quickly but when rush hour occurs, the number of vehicles inside the scenic area is strictly controlled by a signal lights regional linkage system and separated access way.

Intelligent Tourism—mobile payment

The West Lake region has achieved a full coverage of mobile payment, which includes services like buying tickets, searching travel routes, and asking for navigation. Only by taking a mobile phone, visitors can have an unimpeded tour in the West Lake scenic area. For example, you can order a rowing boat and complete payment with the simple click of a button.

Despite these intelligent management measures, the services in the scenic region are also very considerate. Thanks to busy cleaners, with countless visitors coming and going, the public toilets are kept clean all the time. What’s more, the government staff said that they have prepared enough storage of toilet paper to avoid any shortages.
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