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Bridges Spanning the Qiantang River… 2018-11-16
When the Chinese people celebrate the 69-year-old birthday of New China, it will also be the 81st anniversary of the founding of the Qiantang River Bridge. This note-worthy bridge, as well as its many “offspring”, constitute a majestic bridge landscape and in doing so provide many conveniences to both locals and visitors.

No.1: Qiantang River Bridge

In terms of age, Qiantang River Bridge is no doubt the champion of all the bridges spanning the Qiantang River. Constructed in 1937, the bridge is now 81 years old and has been entitled “a strong bridge” because of its survival of many wars.
Nestled near Liuhe Pagoda, Qiantang River Bridge was designed by Mao Yisheng, a renowned and revered Chinese bridge engineer. It was also the first bridge to be used for both highway and railway, designed and built by the Chinese and connecting the transportation lines on the two banks of the Qiantang River.

No.2: Pengbu Bridge

Completed on April 1, 1992, Pengbu Bridge plays an important part in promoting the development of economy and transportation and creates a wave of construction across the river which initiates Hangzhou’s era of the Qiangtang River.
It is the world’s first bridge to be built over a strong tidal region with highways and railways stretching abreast on the same plane.

No.3: Xixing Bridge

Opened to traffic in January 1997, Xixing Bridge is of an international style with red color and advanced stay cables. It is one of most important traffic corridors and connects Hangzhou’s main districts, Binjiang District and Xiaoshan District.

No.4: Fuxing Bridge

Constructed in October 2004, Fuxing Bridge is a two-story bridge decorated with cambered handrails. With an ongoing flow of traffic, this is the busiest bridge in Hangzhou.

No.5: Yuanpu Bridge

The Yuanpu Bridge distinguishes itself from other bridges by its special shape. It is crooked rather than straight.
The construction of Yuanpu Bridge completed the circle of highway around Hangzhou and therefore mitigates the downtown traffic pressure to a large extent.
With countless rivers flowing, Hangzhou is closely related to water and throughout the ages has slowly built a colorful bridge culture.
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