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Hangzhou and The Butterfly Effect 2018-11-16
At 18:30 on September 24, a tremendous butterfly was lit up on 59 Shuguang Road. Still under construction, this is the China Yue Opera Theater. “I hope it will become the new landmark of Hangzhou - the world’s biggest butterfly is in Hangzhou, beside the West Lake and at the foot of Baochu Pagoda” Said Mao Weitao, a very famous Yue Opera artist in China. Behind her, this big butterfly was sparkling, with many people taking its picture in front of the French windows. In the future, the “butterfly” will be to Hangzhou what Sydney Opera House is to Australia – a cultural landmark.

The Butterfly is Lit During the Mid-autumn Festival – Notion of Home

Hangzhou locals have witnessed the growth process of the “butterfly”. On August 2, 2011, the architect began its construction, before which for the previous three years the project was in planning. It was not until March this year that the project was officially open to the public.
“Why the Mid-autumn festival?” Mao Weitao explained, “It is because the Mid-autumn Festival is a day for families to get together, most of whom gather together to have dinner under lamps, which then becomes an image of home. What we want to signal to the public is that this building is the home of Yue Opera as well as a spiritual home where you can enjoy memorable life experiences.”

Butterfly Effect

The shape of the theater is closely related to the style of classic Yue Opera “The Butterfly Lovers”, which is also a classic image of Wuyue Culture.

“For me, this “butterfly” means far more than that” Mao Weitao Said, “I hope it can bring about a“Butterfly Effect”, which means in the future, this theater as a platform will spread more culture of Yue Opera and bring more possibilities for the development of the opera”.

Three playhouses of Different Functions will be Opened Next Year

There are totally three playhouses of different functions in Yue Opera Theater.

1. The grand playhouse, with 900 seats, is characterized by its high capacity.

2. The small classic playhouse upstairs, shows some classic Yue Opera, for example, “The Butterfly Lovers”, which is also known as the Chinese version of “Romeo and Juliet”. What’s more, the playhouse is not limited to perform Yue Opera, but also welcomes all other genres of opera, including Jiangnan Pingtan (story-telling and ballad singing in dialect).

3. Experimental Space, which is also called 95 Playhouse in memory of 95 Jiaogong Road, is a variable space without fixed seats, thus enabling different types of experimental operas to be performed here.

“We will accelerate the first meet of our playhouses and I’m sure this year, performances in the grand playhouse will be available and next Spring, the whole theater will be officially be open to the public” Said Mao.
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