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The Beauty of Hangzhou… 2018-11-16

When people mention Hangzhou, it is still the West Lake and its scenic spots like Leifeng Pagoda, the Broken Bridge and Su causeway that spring to mind, but the beauty of Hangzhou, in fact, goes far beyond that.

The beauty of Hangzhou lies between the histories

Hangzhou is a city with a long history which can be traced back to more than 4700 years ago. At that time, the footprints of mankind, who later created what we call “the dawn of civilization” Liangzhu Culture, were found. As the capital city of two dynasties, first the Wuyue Kingdom in the period of five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, and then the Southern Song Dynasty, Hangzhou is one of China’s seven ancient capital cities. Today Hangzhou is honored as a nationally-noted tourist city determined by the State Council as well as a historical and cultural city issued by the state.

The beauty of Hangzhou lies between the landscapes

The well-known Ten Scenes of the West Lake have silently witnessed countless destined love stories. However, the real charm of Hangzhou goes far beyond the famous Ten.

1. Prince Bay Garden

Every time when spring falls, many We Chat groups are bombarded with moments of spring outings around the West Lake, especially the flowers in the Prince  Bay Garden, which are characterized by cherry blossoms and tulips.

2. Bamboo-lined path at Yunqi

The bamboo-lined path at Yunqi, which is famous for its old temples and fascinating sounds, is a garden located in deep mountain cols. The path winds through the mountain, along which murmuring creeks are running and tea houses and pavilions are provided for passengers to have a rest.

The beauty of Hangzhou lies between the cultures

As the capital city of Wuyue Kingdom and the southern Song dynasty, Hangzhou owns numerous cultural relics both from ancient and recent times. Despite historical and cultural museums, Hangzhou still possesses many places with deep cultural customs.
1. Xinye Ancient Village

Xinye Ancient Village, nestled in Daciyan town in the southwest of Jiande, won the honor of provincial historical and cultural protection area in 2000 and was once chosen by a popular Chinese TV program “Daddy, where are we going?” as its filming spot.

2. Song Dynasty Theme Park

Song Dynasty Theme Park was built according to the historical and cultural background of Southern Song Dynasty. Every element in the park, including every street, building, vehicle and so on, imitates the city during the ancient Song Dynasty.
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