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When it's dark, come to the night markets in Hangzhou 2018-11-16
Nowadays, travel is no longer limited to daytime. Experiencing the most authentic local life and customs at night have been accepted by more and more people. Among them, in the night markets, you can see different dimensions of a city.

Wulin Night Market
Longyou Road, Xiacheng District

Wulin night market is not large in scale, with a total length of about 300 meters. With convenient traffic nearby and an excellent location that adjacent to the West Lake as well, it’s always extremely bustling. Wulin night market has not been established for a long time. But it is the most international night market in Hangzhou that many stall signs are written in foreign language. It is cleaner and more beautiful after rectification and welcomed by tourists. Here you can buy clothes and jewelry. There are also manicure and art stands, and specialty pastries, snacks and fruit stands.

Hefang Street
Hefang Street, Shangcheng District

With antique buildings and row upon row of shops, Hefang Street is one of the landmarks of Hangzhou. At night, dotted with star-like bright lights, it will transform into the downtown in a painting scroll. The night of Hefang Street is also full of traditional atmosphere. Various representative Hangzhou specialty products and unique style handicraft will always catch your eyes. The perfect combination of ancient and modern is interpreted properly by Hefang Street. Let’s join the stream of people, become part of this street and this city, to experience a brilliant night.

Wu Hill night market
Intersection of Huixing Road and Renhe Road, Shangcheng District

Compared with the previous two night markets, Wu Hill night market is more favored by locals. This is the oldest night market in Hangzhou. It has a large scale and a wide range of products. Most of them are practical and affordable. And most products are as cheap as wholesale products. Stalls criss-cross each other that it takes time to shop around. Therefore, many young people behold that when shopping here they can retrieve the feeling and fun of shopping before the development of e-commerce and online shopping.

Xinshi Street night market
Xinshi Street, Xiacheng District

Xinshi Street night market is hidden in residential areas. Most of the people who come here are residents living nearby who take a walk, have a chitchat with vendors, and buy some products they like. There is no hustle and bustle here, but simple and warm daily life that old people shaking fans and children playing happily with toys. The miniature of the city will deeply depicted in your mind unconsciously.
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