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Night Snack Restaurants in Hangzhou 2019-03-20
What do you plan to do on summer nights? Cycling? Shopping entertainment? None of these can compare with having a tasty meal of night snack.

New Triumph Barbecue
Address: No. 308 of Shangtang Road, Gongshu District

The New Triumph can be called the most legendary barbecue restaurant in Hangzhou. Every barbecue lover in Hangzhou has experienced the lively scene every time when it’s in business.During the night time, customers come and go. They not only take up the parking lot nearby, but also encircle the restaurant watertight, waiting for vacant seats. In addition to the barbecue, the lamb bone soup here is delicious and fresh, with a strong flavor.

Kaiyuan Road Shao-mai
Address: Room 1-201, No. 45 of Kaiyuan Road, Shangcheng District

Kaiyuan Road Shao-mai is absolutely a mysterious snack shop that it may be missed even with careful searching. It's even more surprising when you arrive. Because it's an apartment in an apartment community. Even with a unique location, its food tastes great. One bowl of bone soup with one serving of shao-mai is a standard set. There is only one flavor of shao-mai that is the fresh meat with bamboo shoot. In spite of the small size, its taste is very good. The skin is thin and soft. The bone soup is slowly boiled out with a long time , with enough materials put in it.

Chubby Elder Sister Stinky Tofu
Address: Floor 2 of the West Lake International Trade Center, No. 58 of Changsheng Road, Shangcheng District

This store has been existing for more than ten years and has always been a legend in Hangzhou night snack industry. The boss is a chubby and cute lady, who is affectionately called as "chubby elder sister". The current new shop is about 100 square meters, with a terrace where people can drink beer and have barbecues at night. It is not far from the beautiful night view of the west lake. There are a variety of barbecue, snacks, among which the most distinctive dish is fried stinky tofu. It is crisp and fragrant and is a must-order-dish for almost everyone .

Chaozhongren Chaozhou Dish
Address: No. 46 of Bazhangjing East Road, Gongshu District

Chaozhongren has opened many branch shops. But the best one still is the old shop. In spite of a relatively slant position, it is still worth going there. The boss has long been insisting on using chaoshan specialty food materials to do authentic chaoshan dishes. Porridge here is absolutely worthy of praise, and is the aim of most people who come here. Each serving of porridge is cooked in a casserole, with an overpowering aroma, a perfect consistency, enough amount of ingredients and good taste.
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West Lake Tea, Manjuelong Osmanthus, … Best Things of Hangzhou2019-03-11
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