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Hangzhou's First Indoor Zoo 2018-11-16
In recent years, many new concepts have entered the commercial complex, providing customers with an innovative experience and magnifying the possibility of shopping. On August 5, the first indoor zoo ‘Tami Fantasy Zoo’, officially opened in Hangzhou UHarbour Square.

According to an animal’s different living habits and geographical attributes, the indoor zoo is divided into nine areas which includes a tropical rain forest, the wild continent, jellyfish secrets and over 110 kinds of animal. In this indoor zoo with a sightseeing area of 4,500 square meters, you may see a little squirrel run, from time to time, in the pipeline, a tortoise walking freely in the park, fluorescent jellyfish filling a whole wall, lizards and chameleons, a groundhog, and little raccoons – the list of animals is endless.

"In some zoos, animals are in cages and people stay outside. In others, people are in the car, and the animals are outside. We wanted to create a new-generation zoo that puts both the people and animals in the same space, in which they can interact intimately, without cages and no chains," said the person in charge. Here, a total of 32 species of animal are ready to interact with people and to make this happen, the park has deliberately selected animals with small and medium-sized bodies, gentle personalities and less odour.

Since the zoo emphasizes an intimate interaction of animals and people, it is equipped with a high-power air system, as well as disinfection and deodorization equipment. Every day a breeder cleans up the animal's excrement and living place to ensure the cleanliness of the indoor air and the health of the people and animals. Every six months, the animals’ living areas are rearranged and they will be returned to the traditional zoo to change their living environment. In addition, a vet will regularly bring animals to the top of the mall to enjoy the sun, monitor the health index in real time, and every quarter they will conduct a physical examination.
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