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2nd Hangzhou Expo of Intelligent Life and Black Technology 2018-11-16
From August 17 to 19, the 2nd Hangzhou Expo of Intelligent Life and Black Technology will open at Hangzhou’s International Expo Center. This is an exhibition that witnesses the combination of life and artificial intelligence, allowing you to experience smart life at the very forefront.

Many domestic and foreign experts, scientists and founders will share the hottest and latest in science and technology concepts, and various internet and technology companies will showcase the latest developments. For example, Alibaba Cloud will bring the city's artificial intelligence hub, the ET city brain, which can analyze the entire city in real time, allocate public resources, and correct bugs in the city. It is a super artificial intelligence that can manage the city.

This year's Expo also assembles a variety of intelligent robots. On June 18, in the Robot World Cup (RoboCup) Competition held in Montreal, the ZJUNlict team of Zhejiang University, which won the small group champion of robot soccer, will also come to the scene. There are also many interesting interactive experiences, such as the world built by Lego: animals, architecture, and even "beautiful girls", you can also enjoy the performance of LEGO robots. Moreover, you can use your imagination to compete with your friends and build your own LEGO world. What will the restaurant of the future look like? At the Expo, a smart restaurant will be set up, and technology such as face payment, robots, and AI technology will be integrated with catering. You can experience the wonderful results of the technology-enabled restaurant on site. It can be such a technological thing to enjoy a normal meal.

Time: August 17-19, 2018
Place: Hall B, Hall C, First Floor, Hangzhou International Expo Center
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