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China National Silk Museum 2018-11-16
Located at the West Lake in Hangzhou, the China National Silk Museum is the first nationwide silk professional museum and is also the largest special museum of textile and apparel in the world specializing in collection, research, heritage and display.

The museums professional attributes have attracted domestic and foreign experts to gather here for discussion and research. Not only that, many of the Chinese and Western silk exhibits in the 9,000-square-meter exhibition area are eye-opening and have provided participants with many cultural connections.

The Chinese Silk Museum is of a stylish design and is set in a tranquil and elegant environment. The mulberry garden in the museum has dyed grass and small bridges allowing people to enjoy the scenery of nature. The museum also has a variety of unique silk shopping malls, a brocade gallery, and the high-end customization of Jinlun Hall and so on. It is a good place for leisure and entertainment.

After the G20 summit, the China National Silk Museum greatly improved its interior and exterior settings and has become a featured venue for award events. Yinhan Hall and Jinxiu Gallery are both excellent venues, which have successfully held the “Plan F - Hangzhou Global Cheongsam Day” and “Hangzhou New Remembrance Day” hosted by the Hangzhou Tourism Commission and Hangzhou’s Tourism new English book release “HANGZHOU at a Glance”.

Based on its own resources and professional attributes, the China National Silk Museum inherits and promotes the essence of silk culture and techniques. The re-opened China National Silk Museum will not only become China’s largest silk-themed museum for textile and apparel, but it will also be used as an important window to promote the Construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the Maritime Silk Road.
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