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Images of Jiande 2019-03-20
Recently, the Jiande part of “The Local Records of China”, a large-scale serial documentary directed by CCTV, has aroused a remarkable reaction. Jiande City used to be a village with a prosperous culture, boasting an abundance of poems and essays from the affluent Tang Dynasty. Located at the intersection of Fuchun River, Lanjiang River and Xin’an River, it also used to be a strategic place of water transportation, preserving the wealth of the Southern Song Dynasty. For thousands of years, the poetic city has accumulated natural and cultural deposits.

Four seasons of Jiande City


Here, the sun rises to give out warmth and the flowers, including rapeseed, peach blossom, cherry blossom and so on, bloom to pervade the city with the finest of fragrances.


Many tourists, who have come to Jiande, may know that 17°is the most significant symbol of Jiande Xin’an River, which is the temperature of the river making the town more pleasant in summer.

In-spite-of the severe heat, people cannot refrain from viewing the ten-mile stretch of lotus flowers in Jiande, which is particularly splendid.


As the weather gets colder, the gingko turns yellow and makes it one of the best times in which to view the autumnal sceneries in Jiande.


The winter in Jiande gives a special flavor that is different from other places. Compared to summer, Xin’an River in winter is warm and covered by a vague mist.

In addition, Jiande City under the fall of snow is also particularly beautiful.

The landscapes of Jiande City

In Jiande, there is Xin’an River, which is warm in winter and cool in summer boasting a marvelous spectacle of white mist.

In Jiande, there is Liye Village, which has a magnificent view of a ten mile stretch of lotuses.

In Jiande, there is Xulin Village, where the rapes spread all over the mountains.

In Jiande, there is Daci Valley, which is reputed as the Little Jiuhua in Western Zhejiang.

In Jiande, there is Linqi Cave, which is regarded as an artistic underground palace.

In Jiande, there is Xinye Ancient Village, which owns a long history and unsophisticated atmosphere.

In Jiande, there is Qili Yangfan (Sailling in the Seven-mile Area), which has an excellent view for nature.

In Jiande, there is Qingren (Lovers’) Valley, which is steep and winding.

In Jiande, there is Meicheng Ancient Town, which boasts beautiful scenery and a long history.

The foods in Jiande City

Tofu-stuffed Bun, the city’s most famous food

Rou Yuan, the necessary dish during festivals

Shouchang Fried Noodle, the most delicious food that cannot be missed

Sandu Fried Glutinous Pudding, the quick snack with everlasting taste

Yanzhou Flaky Pastry, the snack with fresh fragrance and taste

Babao Dish, the must dish to match porridge in winter

Yanzhou Duck with Dried vegetables, the well-renowned dish with a history of more than three hundred years

Jiuxing Fish Head, the delicious dish with spicy taste
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