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“Enduring Memories of Hangzhou” Returns This Week 2018-11-16
During the 2016 Hangzhou G20 Summit, a landscape live-action performance entitled “Enduring Memories of Hangzhou” enlightened the world. Directed by Zhang Yimou, this most spectacular show is now getting ready to return when, on March 18, it will once again take center stage and dazzle you with all its glory.

Enduring Memories of Hangzhou

In order to share “Enduring Memories of Hangzhou” with the general public, the creative team behind the show made some modifications to the original art work on the basis of retaining the major content of the G20’s performance. The vision back then was to replay it in a poetic way full of a thousand years of Chinese culture, in multiple art forms of music, dance and vision, to be condensed at the West Lake and then presented to the world.

With the rippling waters of the West Lake as the main stage, all the myths and legends about the West Lake revive themselves naturally in the performance during which you will transcend into a past trance of a thousand years.
The adoption of a hidden lifting bleacher allows every viewing platform to be a fantastic place for admiring the panoramic views of the West Lake. The surround-sound system which, combined with the large-scale directional sound system, brings an electrifying music experience.

Partial performance content:
” Tea-leaf Picking Dance”
As the most representative folk song in Hangzhou, “Tea Leaf Picking Dance” is seamlessly connected with the introductory “A Wonderful Night in Spring” and during this show, tea picking girls in ancient and graceful Han Chinese clothing can be seen all over the mountains and plains.

” The Butterfly Lovers”
From the violin concerto to the Yue Opera aria “18 Phases Send-off” and from Chinese ancient dance to symphony and chorus combined “Transformation into Butterfly”, this Chinese best-known folk love story is artistically presented. “Folding Fan”, a symbolic Chinese traditional love token also makes its elegant appearance on the lake’s surface.

” Swan Lake”
The classic dance of “Swan Lake” is arranged into the setting of the “West Lake”, helping the performers of “Swan Lake” to achieve a realistic dance show on the water’s surface, forming a unique and unprecedented artistic conception and one that combines Chinese and western elements.

Ticket Prices:

1. Main auditorium (adult ticket): 360 CNY per person
2. Main auditorium (child ticket): 220 CNY per person
3. VIP auditorium (adult ticket): 400 CNY per person
4. VIP auditorium (child ticket): 250 CNY per person
5. Small pleasure boat (Pleasure Boat Section 2) upper class (adult ticket): 680 CNY per person
6. Big pleasure boat (Pleasure Boat Section 1) upper class (adult ticket): 680 CNY per person
7. Royal box (adult ticket): 680 CNY per person

Performance time:
March 18th to December, 2018
The first performance: 19:30-20:20
The second performance: 21:00-21:50
(Particular performance time and ticket prices are according to the intraday notification of the scenic area)

Address: the intersection of Yanggong Causeway in the west of the West Lake and Beishan Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang (directly opposite to the Yue Fei Temple)
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