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Hangzhou’s Lawns – Where the Grass is always Greener 2019-03-20
After several days of snow, the sun has come out and, in doing so, has made Hangzhou an excellent place to enjoy winter. Here are several lawns for you to bask in the sun.

The Lawn in the Xueshi Park

Instead of the usual warning signs of “No Trampling”, the lawn in Xueshi Park has a welcome sign and is open until mid-March this year. Here, the grass is Manila glass, which can endure trampling. Now, the grass has entered its period of dormancy and has turned yellow, it resembles a thick and soft carpet which is suitable for either sitting or lying on.

Besides the lawn in the Xueshi Park, the following lawns are also suitable for having fun: the lawn in the Orioles Singing in the Willows, the six lawns in the Hangzhou Botanical Garden, the lawn with a big windmill in the Prince Bay Park, the lawn in the Turtle Pond, the lawn in the Jinjian Yangyun District, Hangzhou Flower Nursery.

Address: amidst the Xueshi Park, 61 Nanshan Road, Shangcheng District

The Lawn in LOFT Park

Compared with the lawn in Xueshi Park, the lawn near Gongchen Bridge, can be said to be the quiet land among the hustle and bustle, and in the sunshine, it is all the more inviting. Having a small picnic here would be a fabulous experience, to be followed by a visit to the neighboring Canal Cultural Square, Gongchen Bridge, Qiaoxi Historic Block, China Knives and Scissors and Swords Museum.

Address: amidst the park, 50 meters away from the intersection of Xiaohe Road and Qiaolong Street, Gongshu District

The Lawn in the Lv Causeway of Xixi

The Lv Causeway, one of the three famous causeways of Xixi National Wetland Park, is 1600 meters long and 7 meters wide. With all kinds of flower and vegetation, it resembles a colorful strand of pearls, connecting the Wetland Ecological Botanic Garden and Wetland Botanic Zone with the Wetland Ecological Protection Zone. Several fish ponds and beautiful scenery complete this perfect ecological environment.

In the middle section of the Lv Causeway, there is a broad lawn, where you can enjoy the stunning sceneries of the Lv Causeway.

Address: the middle section of the Lv Causeway of Xixi National Wetland Park, 518 Tianmushan Road, Xihu District

Sanqing Garden

Sanqing Garden, located in Shencun Village, Daicun Town, is a substantial plantation base of Sanqing Tea. With a 500-mu (1 mu roughly equals 666sq m) tea plantation, it has a broad vision and a large lawn, which is nearly 4 mu and is suitable for playing football, doing outdoor exercises, barbecuing, camping and other amusement activities. In addition, there are many other famous attractions neighboring it, for instance, Sanqing Village, Yangjiawu Reservoir, Heqing Temple and so on.

Address: Shencun Village, Daicun Town, Xiaoshan District

The Great Lawn in Chengdong Park

Chengdong Park, facing the river in the west and the railway in the east, is a land of idyllic beauty. Pitching a tent in the park to enjoy the warm winter sunshine is the perfect pastime as is swimming and playing tennis which are both available here.

Address: 401 West Genshan Road, Jianggan District

The Lawn at Baima Lake

Baima Lake is like a living room amidst nature. It has a large lake of more than 1800 mu and contains more than 20 river channels as well as a range of small mountains, such as Shanbei River, Shidang River, Longtang River, Guanshan Hill, Shizi Hill and Huilong’an Hill.

Besides viewing the picturesque scenery, you can also jog along the tracks around the lake to exercise, enter a canoeing competition or even experience a romantic lawn wedding.

Address: Baima Lake, Binjiang District (near the Baima Lake International Convention Center)
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West Lake Tea, Manjuelong Osmanthus, … Best Things of Hangzhou2019-03-11
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