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The 2018 Guo Villa Camellia Exhibition 2019-03-20
⏰ till March 12th, 2018
🏠 Guo’s Villa, 28 Yanggong Causeway (beside Wolong Bridge), the West Lake Scenic Area, Hangzhou
🎫 10 CNY

This year’s Camellia Exhibition was launched at Guo’s Villa as the “Tweeting Phoenix Welcomes the Spring – 2018 Camellia Exhibition “, and is divided into five big exhibition zones, where a total of 100 different varieties of camellia are on show. The flower exhibition will last until March 12th and will be open to the public during the spring festival.

Besides the traditional red and pink varieties, there are many other shades such as yellow, black and green. The rarest green variety, “Green Kena”, has dark green buds that, after blooming, eventually turn to light green and then white. Very few “Green Kena” exist in our country and they are an extremely precious variety among the camellia species.

The golden camellia which is praised as “the panda in plantae“first came to Hangzhou last year and became popular right away. This year another kind of golden camellia called “Sunken Vein Golden Camellia “has been introduced. Its leaf veins are sunken, hence the name, and its petals are yellow and darker than the ordinary golden camellias. If brewed as tea, it would distribute a pungent fragrance as well as medicinal properties.

Excluding the warm green and yellow series, this exhibition has also introduced the “Bella Black Rose “which is a variety of the “Bella Big Rose “that has dark red flowers, a waxy texture and the ability to reflect light. The Bella Black Rose has clear black veins and when the flower blooms its petals gradually turn to dark purple.

To hold a unique floral show, this exhibition has also introduced the fragrant series of camellia. Now, people can not only admire the beauty of the camellia but also smell the flower’s fragrance from Yunnan. The bonsai in Guo’s Villa are also accountable and this flower exhibition makes a smart combination between the two, making it possible for people to admire camellia bonsai with “combination beauty “.

In order to make the exhibition more interesting, various flower arrangements and small garden ornaments are displayed in Guo’s Villa such as The Chinese traditional flower arrangement with camellia, the super big paper cutting “Spring“ in the moon-shaped gate, the “Golden Dog Celebrates the New Year “ beside the Golden Lotus Pond, and the giant “2018” on the outer pond, all of which bring a fresh breath of spring air.

Besides admiring the many flowers, in the art and design zone there are seven kinds of fruit and flower tea which are free for drinking. In the science propagation corridor zone, there is a wealth of knowledge pertaining to the history, culture and home breeding of the camellia species.

In addition, citizens and tourists who enter the garden after buying tickets during the exhibition, have the chance to obtain the “camellia’s flower language “. These are postcards which the sponsors customized for this exhibition and are the perfect place to write down your best wishes, for friends and family, for the new year.
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