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Experience Hangzhou 2019-03-20
There is every reason to experience , notably for its many museums and interactive blocks. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go to experience Hangzhou in the following list of “The Most Qualified Experience spots of 2017 in Hangzhou”

Imperial Town of Southern Song Dynasty

With the ruins of Southern Song Dynasty’s Palace City and the Hefang Street as the core, the Imperial Town of Southern Song Dynasty covers a total area of 3.1 square kilometers. It has millennial, cultural and historical accumulations and plenty of touristic resources. There are more than 40 cultural and tourist experience spots and nearly 50 intangible cultural heritages of all levels and kinds, such as the Gallery of Southern Song Dynasty Ruins, Ziyang Academy of Classical Learning, and the Former Residence of Hu Xueyan, and so on.

With Wu Hill at the back and the West Lake nearby the block, with its magnificent scenery and abundant civilizations, has, since ancient times, been a Geomantic treasure land in Hangzhou. It is “China’s No.1 Street of Quality Life” which is “suitable for living, for business, for tourism, and for culture”, as well as a classic work among commercial pedestrian streets in Hangzhou.

Experience and interaction: experience tour of Chinese traditional medicine culture; visit tour of intangible crafts
Experience place: Southern Song Dynasty Imperial Street, Hefang Street

Qingzhiwu Featured Block of Leisure Travel and Slow Life

Qingzhiwu Featured Block of Leisure Travel and Slow Life starts from Yugu Road in the east, connects the botanic garden in the south, sits adjacent to Zhejiang University in the north, and ends at the scenic spot of “Visiting Ling Peak for Plum Blossoms” in the west.

Here, you can see white walls and black tiles, flowers, grass and vines, Qingliu Pond which is covered by lotus flowers, and Meiying Pond which is behind a bamboo wood. Qingzhiwu Featured Block of Leisure Travel has become downtown’s land of idyllic beauty and the perfect place to experience the slow life. This block has 196 facilities in total, including 85 featured B&B, 61 featured restaurants, 11 cafes and tea houses. It’s a natural tourist leisure block with a dense atmosphere of slow life and leisure travel.

Experience content: featured B&B, featured cuisine
Experience place: No.41, Qingzhiwu

Hangzhou Museum (the southern building)

Hangzhou’s history can be traced back to more than 50000 years ago. With its exquisite jade sacrificial vessels and large-scale castle buildings, Liangzhu Culture has declared to the world that the dawn of Chinese civilization started from here.

Ruins and relics excavated from various historical periods are the cohesion and accumulation of cultural and scientific information of the society at that time. These cultural relics fill in the blanks of historical records, making the otherwise dull text full of vivid descriptions.

The experience activity of “simulated archaeology” in Hangzhou Museum sets and builds cultural relics in archaeological sites and simulates part of the ruins, according to the archaeological discovery of Lin’an City in the Southern Song Dynasty, and referring to the excavating methods of field archaeology.

Experience and interaction: simulated archaeology, interactively experience the procedure of making paper in ancient times
Experience placeNo.18 Liangdao Hill

Xiling Seal-engravers’ Society + Hangzhou Calligraphy and Painting Society

Xiling Seal-engravers’ Society is located on the southern side of Solitary Hill. Its pavilions are built according to the mountains. Here in this secluded and elegant place, you can see inscriptions on precipices everywhere. Remained in the Chinese Study of Seal Museum, are abundant precious seals, calligraphy works and paintings.

Xiling Seal-engravers’ Society is not that big, but has many buildings which are full of cultural atmosphere. Entering the gate, there is Cypress Hall, Bamboo Pavilion, and the Seal Corridor. Passing through the stone memorial archway, stepping on the stone stairs up the hill, you can see Guanle Pavilion (Wu Changshuo Memorial Hall), Shijiao Pavilion, Tixian Pavilion, Tijin Hall and other buildings, as well as ponds and Xiaolonghong Cave, a stone cave which is fully covered with calligraphy inscriptions.

Experience and interactions: free exhibitions of seal cutting, inscription rubbing, traditional culture, four treasures of study and so on; world intangible cultural relics of Chinese seal cutting experience on the spot; experience of stamping; experience of inscription rubbing; experience of ancient book making.
Experience place: Xiling Seal-engravers’ Society, Gushan Road No.31
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