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Green with Envy… 2018-11-16
Jiande Greenway in Hangzhou spans the over 250-sq km de-populated zone of Fuchun River National Forest Park and, with a length of 18 km, it is built along the park and lies in the core area of Qi Li Yang Fan (Sailing along Seven-li Rapids). With mountains on one side and water on the other, the greenway is characterized by fresher than fresh air, a serene environment and dense vegetation. It is this greenway that has been elected as the most beautiful greenway in the 2016 Zhejiang Tourism List.

The Most Beautiful Greenway – Jiande Greenway

Ideal for Hiking and Cycling

Jiande Greenway stretches along Xuyi Creek and the bank of Fuchun River and is mainly comprised of landscape paths, plank roads, corridors, sightseeing platform and service stations. Bordering water and backing onto a mountain, the path is three meters in width, ideal for both hiking and cycling. It is widely acknowledged as the riverside elite greenway with the most tourism potential.

Xixifan Service Station is currently the largest service station along the greenway. The station is surrounded by verdant mountains on four sides and faces a large green lawn where people can enjoy eating and chatting alfresco.

Profound Cultural and Historical Connotations

Jiande Greenway also has profound cultural and historical connotations. According to legend, Wu Zhixu, a high minister of the state of Wu during the Spring and Autumn period (770-5th century BC) was hunted down by troops and when he passed here, the road was cut down by a river. Luckily, with the help of a white-headed fisherman, Wu Zhixu managed to escape the hunt. But, the white-headed fisherman killed himself in case, under torture, he would reveal the trails of Wu Zhixu.

Historical relics, cliffs with pavilions, black-awning boats and shaded paths … everything here will make you green with envy.
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